Finding a great pattern for a beautiful yarn is the holy grail of knitting.

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  • Never get enough of pattern round ups!

    • Beautiful !

  • I love pattern round ups! Any suggests for Love Note With this beautiful lace weight but replacing fussy yarn?

  • These daily notes are something wonderful to look forward to every morning. Thank you!!!

  • That Filigree Sweater would be a real marriage invigorator! In Gleem, he’d probably have a heart attack.

    • My question exactly. Not cold enough here for mohair.

  • The yarn is so beautiful, I just want to stare at. Any good crochet patterns I could use with this yarn?

    • I’ve also posted on the lounge, but does anyone have advice on winding gleem lace from the skein?! I use a swift and hand cranked winder but struggle with slippery and fine (therefore, usually very long) yarns. I have two skeins of gleem lace and wondering whether a hand wound ball may be better than a collapsing cake!!

      • Hi Mel! I always wind into balls without a winder or swift, so my vote would be yes. I think you’d be fine with
        a swift and ball winder, if you took it slow. But it is a somewhat slippery yarn, though not as slippery as an all-silk yarn, for example. Winding yarn is my meditation time!

  • Thank You!! I really want to use this yarn and appreciate the inspiration!!!

  • For those who aren’t interested in the fuzziness of Love Note, Yokester by Hanna Maciejewska is a very similar sweater. It calls for fingering weight yarn – you’d have to experiment with gauge (1 or 2 strands?). I love mine!

    • PS – having looked at yardage and grams, I’d guess two strands of Gleem on this sweater.

  • I love all of these patterns and I would not have found them just doing a Ravelry search. Just bought and printed Love Note. This column is the best!