The Quest for a Great Mood

By Ann Shayne
September 15, 2020

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  • Fascinating. So what becomes of the swatch?

    • It makes an interesting scarf!?

    • My immediate thought: that swatch must become a scarf.

  • I love the definition in plum imps doubled but the plum imps and cumulus plum looks snuggly and really pretty. Make both 🙂

  • I never thought I would see magenta swatching by you, Ann. I love it always! Cool to see the options; love your choice; wish I could squish it!

  • What stitch were you using?

  • I started a Stephen West, Stephen B kal shawl while sick. My sickness, unfortunately morphed into pneumonia. It was dreadful and I had just accepted a long term substitute teacher assignment. I read the pattern , incorrectly, as saying choose up to 10 colors.
    No, it suggested 10 different yarns. It is a fo and I call it my wild child shawl lol!
    I love mixing yarns and colors in my knitting. I combined yarns before it was a ” big thing”. When I know how to, I will post a picture. People either love or hate it.
    Thank you for your 1st read in the morning, the best!

  • I’m glad to hear cumulus is not itchy. Mohair makes me itch just thinking about it!

  • They’re all interesting and lovely in their own way but me I would go for the Gleem lace held double for the sweater.

  • Wow! A great lesson that will have me swatching for life!!

    • I am another swatching convert after seeing these beautiful yarns in action and in combination. You never know until you try.

  • Love seeing this kind of just sitting down and seeing what happens.

  • Wow, that is a gorgeous shawl you ended up with.

  • Thank you. I love the way you unfolded your saga. And like you, as soon as I scrolled down to the final picture, I uttered “wow!”. –So rich and deep. It will be beautiful.

  • Hi Ann, what size needle are you using?

    • That’s a size 8. It’s the size specified in the Mood Cardigan pattern.

  • Love your swatches. You must of photographed them on Sunday.

  • I am impressed! Not only did you swatch, but you’ve provided material for at least a couple columns by your contributors!

  • So fun to see these experiments! Thank you! I’m doing Mood in Rustic Fingering in Oliver and just love the lace fabric.

  • Wow. I was most surprised by how aggressive that little fuzzy yarn is. It can really smother the lace yarn if it’s the wrong color! Thank you for swatching, this was fun to see.

  • Holy moly, you’re a swatching machine, Ann! I love the intentionality you’ve got going here. I usually do this by accident: I start a project, and start over, and start over again.

    That Gleem Lace doubled made my heart go pitty pat, in the picture. But I think you’re right about the deeper shade with the magenta.

    I bought the Field Guide ebook, but didn’t plan to knit anything right now. Your little swatch escapade is seriously tempting me. And you’ve done the swatching for me! Hmmmmm.

  • Swatches like these show how it can be interesting and even exciting to swatch. There is so much to discover! By the way, the swatch would make a beautiful scarf to wear with your cardigan!

  • I gotta say, I’m loving the plum imps and the gloaming together! The bright pinks peeking out through the mist makes me happy. It’s like a garden designed so that you can’t see all of it at once. There’s something else just around that corner…

  • I actually like colors like they are. Do a multicolored mood Cardigan!

  • Your swatch has become a gorgeous wrap – one to wear with your mood cardigan!

  • Boy, that magenta/pink color family has really struck a nerve with all of us. Sometimes the best combos come by accident. In this case a beautiful scarf/cowl/wrap occurred by accident! Hope you can hold onto it as is and not have to cannibalize it to complete your Mood! Also my accidental marl (which occurrred because they just happened to be sitting together one day in my stash) includes a mohair-y KSH-y yarn. Will that make me itch????

  • yaaaaaaaaaas. very satisfying. thank you for doing this, and for posting it. also, how the $&%@ do you knit so fast? it would have taken me three weeks to swatch that far. i think.

    • Oh, yes, and, side note as others are noting – does this mean that the beloved challenge of the Birch shawl and all the other things that made so many of us obsess over kid silk haze… were itchy?

  • Haha!! I noticed that you slipped in the swatch… and the blocking. Did you clean out your dryer with your Tunisian crochet hook? ❤