The Open Knitalong Is On! Set Your Game Plan

By Ann Shayne
September 11, 2020
Field Guide No. 15 celebrates open hearts, open minds, and the open stitches of modern lace knitting.

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  • Magenta on magenta, all the way,

  • swatch them both and then show us what happened!

    • Exactly what I was thinking! Show us your swatching skills!

    • Yes, please swatch!

  • I have been salivating over that magenta combo since you guys first showed it to us. I say go with magenta all the way.

  • I’m not ready to abandon socks and blocks, so I’m going to adapt the rib lace pattern to a cotton dish cloth, maybe even use it for sock cuffs? Does that count?

    • I’m having similar thoughts, being new here. I practiced just about everything in the guide, trying to settle on a project, got kind of discouraged about my potential for enjoying lace knitting but totally addicted to holding two yarns together after seeing how easy it is. Currently have 99 stitches on 3.25 mm needles, one strand of lace with one strand of “cobweb” (according to Ravelry), knitting the rib lace pattern. What is that? A stole? A really wide scarf? I don’t care because it’s making me really happy and I’m keeping it. But I am wondering if it counts.

      • The judges say: IT COUNTS

  • Dial it up and it enhances both colors. You’ll feel better!

  • Still waiting for my gleem lace and field guide to be delivered. I confess I want to steal your Cumulus idea. That should be gorgeous. Please share a swatch!

  • I’m usually the give-me-all-the-color queen, but I love the look of the gleem. Will it get overpowered by the LOOK AT ME? Would the cumulus make it the shining star? I think we all want to see them either swatched together, or at least, like, wrapped around a chopstick together. Signed, Lazy about Color Swatching

  • Dial it up!!! The magentas will have a glorious party together! You can always dial back what you wear it with. Magenta rules!!!!

    PS this post may have enticed me to dive in this fall and make my own Magenta Mood Cardigan:)

  • How about this: Gleem Lace in Burnished and Cumulus in Gloaming? The golden shade will positively glow. The darker Cumulus will help disguise Kermit’s contributions.

  • Two magentas! Such a pop of color. You will be glad when it is a dreary day and you can wear this and look like a jewel.

  • Gorgeous colors, but won’t the fuzziness blur the lace pattern?

    • Ooh, that’s a great question. It might be answered a bit by looking at the aperture stole, but I think this whole situation is really screaming for a couple swatches, to answer the color question and this one. We’re curious!

  • Is the blue colorway shown for the aperture stole in the thumbnail pictures made from the kit available at MDK? It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Gloaming! It will be like dupioni silk…

  • I thought you swatched it with each. The gloaming was just great! So dramatic!