Designer to Love: Angela Tong

By Kay Gardiner
September 4, 2020

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  • And you didn’t even touch on Angela’s pottery, or the amazing and beautiful meals she prepares! I follow her on Instagram and am astounded and charmed by her energy, enthusiasm and talent

  • I am a huge fan of Angela! She was one of the first designers I discovered when I jumped back into knitting. The mitts are the best! I wore mine all last winter. Her Kumori shawl is one of my favorite things I have knitted. I was fortunate to pick up some of her lovely pottery pieces at a holiday fair. She is the best!

  • This was a beautiful short film highlighting the work of this amazing person. I am very grateful to be introduced to her and look forward to learning more about her work. The film itself was excellently made and so personal. I feel like I just had one on one time with Angela. Truly an inspiring story!

  • Thank you for introducing me to Angela!! These designs are beautiful!! I will definitely be making some of them. Thank you!!

  • I have always really liked her designs. So glad to hear more about her.

  • Thank you for highlighting Angela Tong. I’ve enjoyed her designs for a long time. I first was introduced to her work on Petite Purls. Her oldest little girl was the age of her youngest little girl when I first saw Angela. So cute. It was fun to see how much she’s grown since then. I hope you will invite Angela to do a Field Guide in the future. I love her designs and can’t wait to make the little pompom mitts. Darling. Janice D.

  • Have also been a fan for a while. And I love a hat pattern for learning new techniques! (or using leftover stash)

  • Plus a lovely, friendly human!

  • That Tsukimi shawl! I have to say I love that Yowza yarn–it is fabulous. I even designed a piece with it which was featured by Miss Babs…you can see it here:

  • Field Guide No. ?

  • Great interview with Angela. Thanks.

  • I am a huge Angela fan. Love her pottery and food pictures too in addition to her knitting and weaving which is always colorful and spectacular. Her instagram posts are fantastic. Thank you for including her.

  • I took 2 classes from Angela on Vogue Virtual and have her 2 craftsy classes. She is a patient teacher. Her kindness and goodness shine through.