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  • As each day passes it is evident we need all the beauty we can get our hands on. As our friend Patty Lyons says, “Knit on!”

    • Beauty is its own excuse for being. I wish every human being a BIG dose of beauty, now and always!♡

  • That coppery-brown in the gallery is breathtaking.

  • I love this fabric! Yes, we need beautiful things right now. You say it’s not functional. Well, perhaps for you. It would be for me since I can only use very light, not warm items and this would fit the bill.

  • I received my Aperture Stole kit from you and wow, the yarn exceeded my expectations! That Gleem lace is like no other I’ve seen: shiny, soft but 2 ply with a good twist. I’m trying so hard to finish up even one of my projects on the needles before I start this one but it’s hard. I want to knit everything at once, right now!

  • It’s stunning, and the colour!

  • As a new knitter, I’m learning just as much about myself as I am about knitting lace, which is really interesting. I was prompted to dig out a crocheted lace scarf I made three years ago with an entire skein of Juniper Moon Farm Findley (this scarf is ten feet long) and take a fresh look at it. This is easily the best thing I’ve ever made, it took me four months, and I actually enjoyed the process. I’m not sure I’m going to be a lace knitter, but I definitely have a whole new appreciation for that crocheted scarf and I’m going to start wearing it regularly as soon as summer is over. There is some saying about “looking at old things with new eyes” that is coming in handy here!

    Could you tell me about the needles you’re using for the shawl, I don’t recognize them.

    • Hi Dawn, I totally hear you about seeing things with new eyes–especially something that you made a while ago and looks impossible. Lace is especially like that for me. The needles I’m using are Addi Lace needles. They’re brass, with a slightly more grippy texture which is nice when knitting slippery lace yarn. I am having a tender moment because I won these needles as a door prize at one of Cat Bordhi’s knitting retreats years ago. I think of her every time I use them.

  • I almost knit nothing but leave. The first time I knit a lace shawl I didn’t really think of it as lace until I blocked it. The transformation!!! I I’ve knit perhaps 10 lace shawls since them. Still one of my favorite things to knit. Need to finish the one currently on needles before diving into the latest MDK book!

  • Indeed it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing Ann. Can’t wait to see the moment when you get to spread it out into it’s full glory. I love the colour you’ve chosen too.

    • So enjoyed your column. Knitting lace is something special, working slowly and thoughtfully, feeling the glorious lace yarn slipping through your fingers, and all along, anticipating the transformation at the end! The Gleem Lace looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Ann, I SWEAR I followed the directions BUT I’ve done 12 repeats of the first bit, and I only have 127 sts, not the 137 the pattern says I should have. WTH. Do I need another repeat of the pattern?