Designated Survivor

By Ann Shayne
August 30, 2020

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  • I totally second this recommendation. We are halfway through Season 1 and wondering how we missed this show. Loving it.

  • I enjoyed Season 1 immensely. Season 2 was just OK. I think I may have watched Season 3, Episode 1, maybe 2, but no longer felt it was of the same quality as Season 1 and stopped watching. Sooo many other shows to watch! BTW, one of my dogs is named Kiefer after Kiefer Sutherland. I always thought Donald Sutherland was very handsome (I guess that dates me – grin), but didn’t want a dog named Donald.

    • When the show went to Netflix was it for season 3? The gratuitous sex and language turned me away. I’m only a little bit prudish, I’ll admit it. It was unnecessary. Just a heads up. Some scenes I never wanted to see and now I can’t unsee. 🙂

  • This looks good!! I loved him in 24

  • I stumbled on this show by accident and then binge watched it. Great escape.

  • This sounds, without going deeper, as if it had been inspired by a current Korean drama series now on Netflix.

    • Fun fact – it actually debuted on network tv (NBC) four years ago!

  • I loved this show and was sad when it ended but they were running out of good ideas.

  • I loved this show! I also loved West Wing, to me the best TV series ever done. Stopped watching House of Cards after finding out about the lead actor – yuk. Right now Billions is great, as is Mr. Selfridge. If you want to laugh your head off, watch Schitt’s Creek. The funniest episode is Season 1, episode 1. Hilarious.

    • I appreciate you comments. I really enjoyed Designated Survivor. Will be checking out those I haven’t seen.

  • I did enjoy this series so much. I’ve been a fan of Keifer Sutherland since Lost Boys and watched 24 devotedly. This one is quite different, but he’s so very good and the supporting cast is also excellent. They finished at a good time, though.

  • Love, love, love Desgnated Survivor. Watched the first episode or two when it was on “real TV” and got sidetracked and forgot about it. Came across it on Netflix and binged the whole thing a while ago. I only wish there was MORE!!

  • Probably not at all similar, but this reminded me of the Battlestar Galactica remake, where Mary McDonnell plays the Secretary of Education who gets sworn in as (badass) President when the Earth explodes. Also definitely worth watching if sci-fi space dramas is more your thing! : )

    • Yeah, the Battlestar Galactica remake is one of the best sci-fi shows I’ve ever seen. It’s not afraid to get dark or disturbing as the storyline dictates. Quite a different spaced-themed show – Star Trek it ain’t! Also hanging out for the new Dune movie trailer, should be good with Denis Villeneuve at the helm.

  • This looks like so much fun! I love your Lazy Sunday recommendations. I’m home alone today, hubby went fishing in Wyoming, I’m nursing my knee from being replaced not two weeks ago, and have socks to knit! How much fun is that?

    • Knee replacement not that much fun, knitting to get over it…loads if help.

    • Hope you’re on the mend soon!

  • It is so worth the binge watching!!

  • My daughter and I just finished watching Season 1…..all 21 episodes over 4 days and nights while my newborn grandson napped. Also a good show to watch while knitting!

  • I LOVED this show! Ann, I share your predilection for shows about governing, conspiracy dramas, and heroes vs. villains. Haven’t yet watched “Homeland;” guess that’s next on my binge-watchlist.

    • Oh Judy, you are in for a ride. There is some unwatchable violence in there, so be ready with the mute button. But I decided it was worth watching for Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, who are superb through the whole epic series. Season I has Damien Lewis, who is also brilliant.

  • I watched the first season and loved it. But by the end of the next season I was tired of Kiefer’s little quiet voice and the FBI agent chasing bad guys in high heels.

    • Yes! The shoes! I think that may be why I ditched out after Season 1. Why couldn’t she just wear normal shoes? She’d probably catch people faster just sayin.

  • Wish they would of picked it back up. A lot of questions left open. And there could of been four years of the second term left.

  • Season 1 was so good! Then it went off the rails. Too bad, great cast.