Ply Playground

August 28, 2020

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  • Hi – loved this article, just needed to point out that the primary meaning of ‘bouclé’ isn’t ‘buckle’ (in fact, in this form it doesn’t mean ‘buckle’ at all, as it’s in the past tense, so it is ‘buckled’ in the sense of ‘distorted’).
    As an adjective – which is it’s form when applied to yarns – it is better understood by its primary meaning of ‘looped’, ‘loopy’, or ‘curly’ as in curly hair. This is a better way to understand the use of it in the context of bouclé yarns…they are full of loops of strands, that give them (and the resulting fabric) a curly, tousled effect.

    • Thank you! I never liked the translation as buckled, I like this much, much more.

  • I wanna play with Jillian at recess everyday ! Btw, what is Ovis 21 Ultimate Merino?

  • Great article! By the way, I was at Spun yesterday. Really nice LYS.

    • What time? I was there around 2 buying dpns.

  • I kind of like the way the cables look subtle in the boucle yarns, especially the pirouette. I’ll be on the lookout for Luft- I knit a similarly constructed yarn, but without the primo fibers, into a sweater and I was blown away by how light it was and how warm. Thank you for taking us to the playground- it’s wonderful to see it through your eyes!

  • In my very beginning days I knit a couple of awful things with novelty yarn and I know where they are now, probably Goodwill. But I was totally new to knitting I think that I would give it a try again

  • Thanks Jillian! I was fascinated by this de-construction, analysis, explanation, and especially your good photos. I learned so much. I love seeing your good detail. AND it was fun!

  • Great article, Jillian! I tend to stay away from novelty yarns for the reason you mentioned – what to make with them? (Also, too many faux fur scarf projects in the 90s.) Another really nice chainette with the floof blown in is Katia Wool Merino. I made a long cardigan with it that I loved, but was too small for me. My mother in law is now enjoying it!

    • Katia also has a cotton-merino that is fab. A sweater is some serious m-i-l points!

  • This is a great comparison of these interesting yarns. What were they like to actually knit with though? I steer clear of novelty yarns usually, because I find them awful to knit with, particularly eyelash and buckle. In my experience they’ve been awkward to knit with, difficult to read the knitted fabric when looking for a mistake, and with a tendency to come apart if you have to rip rows out. Is that just because the ones I’ve tried have been cheap acrylic?

    • Autocorrect stitched me up there on the word boucle. Naughty because I did go back and change it once!

    • None of these were hard to rip out, and none were sticky on the needles. The boucle loops aren’t big enough to get snagged on the needles either. Reading the knitting is still a challenge because of all of the texture – I use a bright light and patience.

      • That’s good to know. I’ll steer clear of the cheap stuff in future. Thanks.

  • WONderful article as always. I’m a big fan of Luft and just want to say that I have a great cardigan that a) has not pilled with much wearing; and b) shows it’s yarn overs to good effect.

  • Great info as always!

  • I have been trying to figure out what the name of the type of yarn Malabrigo Caracol and Shibui Nest were and your blog post helped me immensely! Thank you <3