What Are We Waiting For?

By Ann Shayne
August 26, 2020

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  • Get my house together.

    • Same!

      • Same! Suddenly I’m more decisive. Just paint the thing, move the thing, hang the thing, de-accession the thing. We don’t get to live in this place forever, so let’s live in it now.

  • Oh, PLEASE write a second novel. I LOVED Bowling Avenue, and I still use that Pure Grass linen fragrance on my sheets.

    • I second! Ann, please write your second novel!!!

    • Yes! Write another one!

      • Yes, please!!

    • Yes, yes, yes! I listen to Bowling Avenue whenever I need a healthy distraction. (I have both the audio book and the ‘real’ book)

  • Learn to sew better. And weave an overshot coverlet for a double bed – which I am thinking of doing for my niece’s wedding present. Since she’s not getting married for over a year I might make it….

  • So many things! But I keep coming back to: go to college. I never really meant to skip over that forever. The Covid situation is the latest derailment, but still, I think this is the year.

    • You can do it, I finally finished my degree at age 42 and now have my eye towards the goal of a PhD 🙂

  • Great call to action. Mine is learn to use my sewing machine and start sewing again. My clothing preferences – silhouettes and fabrics – are so simple, why am I not making them?

  • I’ve been picking this book up every weekend, reading about another maker, making it last. Beautiful!

  • I’ve alwaiys wanted to play the Native American flute and even bought one, but never really spent time with it. I found an on-line flute-playing course given by Christine Steevens and because couldn’t do any of the vacation stuff I had planned, I put some of my vacation money into taking the class. What a wonderful gift to myself!!. I am so glad that I did it and now I can play my flute and feel really good about the way it sounds. Playing by the river in the woods has been a revelation.

    • I love that!

  • Sort my house out, write a book, start a PhD, learn to spin and weave, the list goes on. Don’t have a good answer to what I’m waiting for on some of them, but some elements of my current life would have to go to create the time. I will be listening to this interview next time I get some time to myself though. Thanks for this post Ann, some good food for thought.

  • Love Making a Life I just got my copy and also got one for my son’s girlfriend, it’s such a beautiful book!

  • I purchased this book the day it came out. It’s amazing. I love it. Every artist I read about resinates with me in one way or another. I think of different friends and their gifts. Oh, don’t hesitate purchasing this magnificent work or art and research. I’m so grateful to Melanie and her shift in life for such a wonderful reason. If you’ve made anything with your hands, you want this book. I’m not even completed it yet. I just let each artists life story resinate in my soul for a bit. Can’t rave enough about it!!!

  • I got my masters degree at 44y.o. I am so glad that I did. At times, it was challenging with 2 teenagers raising them as a single Mom. However, I never wanted to quit. I love school and
    my college experience enriched my mind and spirit. I attended school in Boston so I had fantastic colleges to choose from as well.
    Now, I put off organizing my home. I have to push myself, my reward is knitting!!

  • Please for the love of all that is good, all that is holy and all that makes us better than we were, please, if you are a citizen of the USA vote. I used to be so proud of my country. I want to be again. Can you help?

  • Oh, I really hope you’re not kidding about that second novel!!

  • I’m learning to sew! My mother is teaching me on her mother’s 1935 Singer sewing machine, purchased after my grandmother graduated college with a Home Economics degree and started working for the Singer company. She could knit and sew like a pro, but couldn’t teach. I learned to knit from a friend in college, so having the classic “learning from my mother” experience is really precious.

    Because why do anything the easy way, we’re making our own pattern based on a skirt I love. Except we have to size it up. And the skirt and the underskirt have ten panels each. I’m getting really good at seams!

  • I’m catching up because I was away without connection (really! Still exists!) But I have to add my voice. Write the next novel, Ann. Do it do it do it.