The Little Scarves That Could

By Kay Gardiner
August 20, 2020
Field Guide No. 15 celebrates open hearts, open minds, and the open stitches of modern lace knitting.

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  • Far more than a swatch for me! I have cast on and worked first two rows of Tumbling Blocks with Gleem copper tones, put everything in a separate knitting bag with strict instructions to myself not to just pull it out and work on it but rather to PAY ATTENTION to what I’m doing every time I pick it up. The new lace-knitting me cannot go about business like the regular knitting me. It’s a challenge.

    • Oh my gosh it IS. I have to actually look at the knitting and think about it. 🙂

  • I was trying to comment in the Lounge! I do not think I was successful! But I learned Frost Flowers maybe ten years ago and made my Mom a delightful little hard to part with diaphanous scarf! Happy memory invoked! Thank you again, ladies! My day begins Knithappy!

  • As an enthusiastic-beginner knitter, I have been reading all of the MDK Instagram posts and Saturday e-mails…very carefully…and with hope that I would choose the perfect project to challenge me out of my knit purl knit purl rut! MDK’s Field Guide 15 and the Rib Lace scarf are just what I need (and yes, want! ☺️). Now, have to decide which color of Lichen and Lace to get started…

  • Don’t underestimate the power of a scarf. My mom made hundreds for school kids in need and was featured in the local newspaper twice for leaving her creations in trees and on benches for the homeless

    • That’s so cool! Kind of a hybrid of charity and yarn bombing.

    • You have helped to make my day bright.

  • These scarves are so beautiful
    they make me want to knit lace so bad!

  • Love that we have a new category for knitting: the not for TV version! So very true and in a way self searching. That is, am I in the mood to feel knitting, in the mood to just knit or perhaps in the mood to tackle knitting? As we Mrs. Marple our way through life, most observers might not realize all that we knitters are concocting as we create fabric. Knitters are fierce,

  • Have you seen the tumbling blocks scarf by Amy Hass (Ahass90 on Ravelry)? It’s gorgeous! I saw it on IG – she made it in DK weight. And she left notes on Rav too. Inspiring – I want to try it!

    • I just took a look at that, thank you. I was curious to see how it would look in something in between the lace or fingering and the aran that I’m doing now. I like Amy’s style, wearing her handmade lace scarf with a denim jacket!

  • Ever the contrarian, the rib lace scarf is the item calling me first from this collection. Love it.! Also it gets the Drop Dead Easy seal of approval xo

  • Tumbling Blocks is amazing! I used a beautiful KPPM fingering weight in bright summer colors, and made it an infinity scarf about 22″ long. Two repeats of the tumbling blocks for height.

  • I love the Rib Lace Scarf! I’m currently making one in a light fingering weight that just didn’t play nicely with other patterns. It’s beautiful and gorgeous with the rib Lace scarf though! And I ordered some Lichen and Lace worsted to make another in heavier weight.

    I don’t have a plan for Tumbling Blocks yet, but I’m considering that before moving on to the Clerestory shawl…which I already have yarn for.

    LOTS of knitting. But the rib Lace scarf may just be my favorite, at least right now. It’s very enjoyable.

  • The rib lace scarf is first on my list because I have the yarn and know someone I’d like to gift it to.

  • Just cast on my rib lace scarf! I’m using pressed flowers and I LOVE it–it’s the perfect way for me to dive into lace!

  • What needle size was the Evergreen Worsted weight scarf pictured above made with?