Our First-Ever Thing Like This

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
August 12, 2020

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  • Love the look book!

  • Beautiful presentation of yarn options for the new field guide. Circular or pamphlet work for me. I plan to print as I find my screen tends to present color more brightly than I find in the purchased yarn. Maybe this will compensate..

  • Not only is the yarn suggestions perfect but the presentation is fabulous. It is like child in a candy store. Hats off to all who created this alluring presentation.

  • Oh, my, is this fun!!!! I was hooked at the opening photo of the flowers/books. I am from a time when we laid on the floor with the Sears and Penney’s Christmas catalogs for hours as children. Can hardly wait to get my coffee started, flop down on my stomach, and plan! Thank you!

  • Aren’t you clever?
    That Plum❤️

  • Nice 🙂

  • So clever, I love the Look Book It feels like it needs music to go with;)

    • Oh yes!! I thought the same thing—music!!!

  • Pretty!

  • What a great idea. Thanks

  • What a lovely “look book” or really a book of endless possibilities. I’m ordering my bundle today!

  • Beautiful layout! Makes it very enticing to the knitter with little self control.

  • Awesome idea and a very successful one, too. Bravo, ladies!

  • That is too fun

  • love love love the look book…thank you so much and the yarn suggestions are beautiful and very helpful.

  • This is so beautiful!!! Thank you! I love it!!!!

  • Mithril! You ladies really know how to tempt a geek!!

  • Beautiful look book! I’m drooling on my screen.

    You have the best web designers and tech people. I marvel at how gorgeous MDK’s site is and things like how quickly they accomplished the name change. Kudos to all from both sides of my brain!

  • Would I be able to see the look book better on a computer? It’s awfully small and these old eyes couldn’t get the photos large enough to know what was what. Love your blog and all the wonderful projects.

    • Hi Terrie,

      Yes, on a computer you can make it as big as your screen! Very hard to replicate that experience on a smaller device.


  • Wow!!! This is great!! I love love LOVE this Field Guide and have ordered my Neighborhood Fiber Co. Rustic Fingering for the cardigan. I’m so excited to finally order that yarn. I signed up for theMelanie Falick and Jeanette Sloan talk, but at the last minute was not able to watch it live. Is there a recording and a way to access it? Thank you!! (for EVERYTHING!!)

  • This is incredible helpful, thank you very much!

  • Love the look book! I had already ordered the field guide, but hadn’t looked at the specs yet. Thrilled that I can use the Helix I picked up at VKL NYC 2020 – sad to see it’s been no longer available though. I love lace knitting and these are terrific designs. I can see myself making them all!

  • Thank you for your continued effort in creating such incredible resources.

    This Look Book is another beautiful piece that truly creates ease and flow in setting up an amazing project.

  • This look book is so good!!

  • Great idea and well-done.

  • Love the look book. Great idea to put the pattern and yarns together. I also like the pages of knitting supplies.

  • Love the look book! But did find it very annoying that you ruined the gorgeous pics with the name in a big white box covering the item. It ruins the effect and point of the big pic. Getting us to fall in love with the pic is the point. Even if you only ruined it with black lettering and no white box it would have been better. Although I think trust your audience…. knitters know how to learn a pattern name…. And don’t even need the name if you never sell the patterns individually.

  • OPEN is great. Best to date. Now I will never finish projects on my needles. Beautiful new laces to start. Thanks

  • This field guide has driven me to start three of the items already. Although you will find this very hard to believe, I have several odd allotments of yarn sitting waiting because I couldn’t resist purchasing them in my travels. Because of the flexibility of yarns that can be used in these wonderful patterns and your pairings and suggestions, I was able to dive into them and give them purpose. Thank you for these wonderful guides. I am never disappointed.