Clerestory Shawl: 2 Yarns, 2 Effects

By Ann Shayne
August 11, 2020

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  • I had been browsing gleem lace recently. I just love the colours and tweed imps is what I’m thinking of getting. It’s amazing the difference the yarn makes in one pattern!

  • Ann, what size needle will you use with the Gleem?

  • I’m going to do the rib lace scarf in Neighborhood Fiber Co. Rustic Fingering in the colorway Times Square. I bought it at VKLNY which also happens to be the last time I saw your lovely smile in person. The skein has been on my coffee table waiting for just the right pattern and it was worth the wait.

  • I love lace knitting I couldn’t wait to cast on so I went stash diving and came up with some Painted Desert to do the Rib Lace Scarf. I’m also going to order Gleem to do the Tumbling Block Scarf. Will you be getting a thicker yarn in for the Aran version of the Rib Lace Scarf?

  • Lace was my first knitting love. I randomly walked into a yarn store and they had several samples of enormous drapey lace shawls – pi shawls, crescents, triangular- each one with spectacular intricate designs. Each one looked like they would be years of work, and it instantly felt necessary to learn how to knit. My first several projects were lace, which made all knitting after that pretty straightforward! I haven’t cast on a lace project in some time, but the designs in this field guide are making it feel necessary to knit lace again. And that Gleem yarn – so gorgeous.

  • That Gleem yarn is gorgeous, but the name is making me laugh. Anyone else here remember Gleem toothpaste? 😉

    • Sure do!