It’s Here! Field Guide No. 15: Open

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
August 7, 2020

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  • Lace and I have never been what you would call friends. When I received the Field Guide (thru the subscription) I thought well this is beautiful, but not for me. But when I opened it, I realized it’s time to make friends! The Tumbling Block scarf is irresistible. The Clerestory so beautiful. It’s a beautiful guide.

    • You can do it!!!

    • Hi I’m trying lace for the first time. The Ilara scarf by Louisa Harding yarntelier. I have put the stitches into blocks with stitch markers and underlined in different colours each block in the written section so I know exactly where I am. You know very quickly if you have gone wrong. It’s working for me and you might like to try it.

  • I have seen and admired Jeannette’ s designs in both Knitting and the Knitter for some time. But even simple, familiar Old Shale ends up being ripped out by me multiple times so sadly I need to stick to knit and purl. However, if I Were a lace whiz I would jump on the Mood Cardigan in a New York second. That’s the kind of garment IMO that would have people asking Where did you get that? So wearable. Just the swing of it! (And the lace texture gives it that extra pizazz). Chloe

    • Don’t give up on lace Chloe! I have knitted tons of lace and still cannot make feather and fan work! There’s just something about it that makes me crazy.

    • I had many people tell me Old Shale was a good pattern to learn lace from and it was impossible! It was only after years of knitting other laces, and getting good at reading my knitting, that I finally conquered that pattern. I think because the decreases and increases are separate from each other, it can be tricky to keep track of where you are. So don’t give up on lace, it is the most funnest thing to knit!

    • Stitch markers are your friends! I have a friend who literally learned to knit about two months before lockdown. She made a garter stitch scarf and then dove head first into an Old Shale baby blanket. She was having a hard time on it so she called me and I wacked some stitch markers in it to separate the repeats–game changer! You could try out a swatch on the lace pattern from the mood cardigan with markers between the repeats to see how it goes. Or add some garter at the beginning and end of the rows and do multiple repeats and make a little scarf.

      • I use a long piece of contracting colored yarn (usually cotton) to separate the repeats in my knitted lace. I find it less fiddly than stitch markers, and readily available. I also use a “Safety Line” horizontally. These training wheels really help.

        • You hit the nail on the head. Stitch markers and Safety lines are lifesavers in lace knitting.

  • Ha! Those of us who subscribed to the field guides have already cast on! I highly recommend subscribing to everybody. It was such a treat to have the Guide in my mailbox before it officially came out.

    • Gail – don’t you feel so special drooling over is, while the rest of the world is oblivious?

  • Received the early subscription copy and it is masterful. Each design speaks to me especially Clerestory as the first one I want to tackle. Appreciate the designs being shown in different weights and encouragement to make mods that retain the design. Kudos on a new Field Guide very well done.

  • This is 1st Field Guide where I want to make EVERY SINGLE THING! In multiple colors. Beautiful

  • I agree with Sandy.. Every single thing! And lace! I always think I want to knit something else but get bored quickly when it isn’t lace. Thank heavens I’m retiring in October. More time to knit!

  • I’m not at all ashamed to say that I already ordered the kit for the Aperture Stole. I should be ashamed because I’ve ordered way too much yarn since March and I already had plenty. But the plum colorway was calling to me. I may have also ordered that four skein getaway set of sock yarn but only to get the free shipping. As I typed that, I realized that I should probably add “Can justify anything” to my resume.

    • Your resume is impressive enough already.

    • I would like to borrow that phrase “Can justify anything” for my resume please.

  • Supposedly there are two ways to wear the Mood cardigan. Are both ways shown in the Field Guide? If not – pictures? Love this issue!

    • Never mind – I looked closer at the pictures and the schematic – yes, yes, there are two different views.

  • First of all, congratulations on a wonderful guide. I’m an avid lace knitter and am looking forward to knitting each design. I was fortunate to meet Jeanette on two separate occasions and am in awe of her as a designer and a person! Great job!

  • Irresistible! I didn’t subscribe, but I’ll be ordering soon. I want to do EVERYTHING — and I’m another one who could never get feather & fan quite right. Lace: Here I come!

  • La Bien Aimee not available because the rest of the world did real Lockdowns that prevented the explosion of covid. It’s insane if you compare what Canada and France did compared US.

  • One word – Extraordinary. So much knitting so little time.

  • I’d recently been thinking that I’d never knit another sweater, and was probably done with lace. And then I open this post, and see Mood Cardigan. Just like that sweaters and lace are back on the table. As I continued to scroll the inspiration just kept coming. Such an outstanding collection. I just ordered my field guide! Thank you Jeanette and MDK for all this beauty.

  • Congratulations to all of you ladies. This is a stunning collection of patterns and yarn. Thank you all!

  • Disappointed

    • Agree, not my taste.

      • No, not my taste either but I believe we can all still admire the amazing technical details and artistry that Jeanette brings to this Field Guide.

        That Mood cardigan is really cool – how good does that sunny yellow look (it just sings!).

  • I had to order this Field guide for the Mood Cardigan alone. But love the other designs as well. Can you recommend a yard for the cardigan that would knit up well using one strand, instead of the 2 stranded Helix yarn called for in the pattern. Doing all that lace with two strands might just take me over the edge!

  • I am waiting to login to zoom mtg by host today. Nothing happening
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    • ☹️Missed Sat❗️Any possibility of a repeat session?

      • There will be a recording, we will let everyone know!

  • This one had me from the first pattern on the page – ordering now …

  • Every design is gorgeous!! I have not knit lace in awhile, and now I’m drooling over every pattern here. Jeanette Sloan is incredible.

  • Is the scarf/stole that Jeanette is wearing in the top photo the Aperture Stole??? It looks a little different but not sure. It’s beautiful and I would love to confirm what it is. Great patterns in this Field Guide. Just stunning. Thank you.

    • It is similar in that it’s rectangular and lace, but I believe it’s a design that Jeanette has not released yet but plans to.

  • Awesome I want to make the Mood Cardigan!

  • FABULOUS!!!!!s

  • Can someone confirm that I ordered and paid for FIELD GUIDE15 ? I don’t want to make the same mistake as I did with #14.Thank you

  • I am lace fanatic. 89% of what I make has some sort of lace design in it. Can’t wait to knit up these patterns!

  • Can’t wait to get started on all of these patterns! They’re all so beautiful, it’ll be hard to choose which to start first!

  • I just can’t get enough lace projects in my life right now! These projects are simply gorgeous! I would really like to make the Mood Cardigan for myself. I’m just going to have to get the Field Guide.

  • Have never knit lace before but this gives me the COURAGE TO DO IT! 🙂

  • I’m thinking of ordering this field guide and since I’m a beginner I want to buy yarn from you for the rib lace scarf. Which weight and how many skeins?? I’ll order all at once. Thanks. I watched the first video.