Mohonk: What Makes a Yarn Cozy?

July 27, 2020

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  • Every single time I read something by Jillian Moreno I learn something new, and I’ve been knitting for decades. I took a class from you at Spun in A2 a few years ago and it literally changed the way I thought about my knitting. Thanks!

    • Love, love Spun in Ann Arbor!

  • Another wonderful article by Jillian! Now I want cookies too.

  • I love learning this ! And what color ways did you photograph? I’m not seeing that lighter color.

  • Jillian: you’re an amazing writer! I enjoy everything you write. You make is look at yarn the way an good author opens our eyes to people

  • What is the the 2 color slip stitch pattern? It looks great.

  • I’m already working on 4 loaves of sourdough and 3 batches of bean to make a massive pot of chili today. I cannot *also* make chocolate chip cookies and go re-swatch that sweater yarn. Can I? I mean, I might now.

  • Where to get these mahonks threads

    • Click “shop” at the top right of the page.

  • Quick suggestion, Browned Butter. I’ll leave you with that.

  • Jillian, your articles ALWAYS hit the sweet spot!

  • Lambswool is the sheep’s first shearing. It has nothing to do with age.

    • Is the first shearing not usually within the first year or so of a sheep’s life? If so, seems like a fairly strong correlation with age of the animal.

      • Not always Kay! I have had lambs born in March that did not get sheared until late April of the following year, so were technically starlings.

        • Yearling…who invented auto correct?

  • Ive been knitting 60+ years and am living proof that you can still learn something new — thank you Jillian Moreno X

  • I tried to buy your Mohonk Light several times last yr to make Bottom
    Line pullover. Always out of stock

  • What is the pink color way used in the swatches? Can’t seem to find in the shop.