Submarine Double Feature

By Ann Shayne
July 19, 2020

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  • Das Boot! Need anyone say more?

  • And I thought I was the only one on the planet whose favorite thrillers were submarine movies!!!

  • I, too, love a submarine movie (of which there are not enough) and as noted they do NOT come better than Das Boot!

  • Also Crimson Tide!

    • This is the one I was going to recommend. I cannot pass this one up if I see it’s on tv.

    • Also Das Boot-in German with English subtitles!

  • I have to agree. These are fabulous films. My son is a submariner, and I can’t get enough of these movies

  • Please watch The Command (originally called Kursk). It’s newer (2018), based on a true story, really gripping. On streaming services. Also 50 years before, Run Silent, Run Deep (Clark Gable) or 1965’s The Bedford Incident (w Sidney Poitier!)

  • Add ‘Le Chant du Loup’ (The Wolf’s Song) to the list. French nuclear submarine, world destruction looming, romance on shore, all the tension. Full disclaimer, it’s made by my sister’s friend’s son so that was my original impetus to watch, but it was really good. It’s on Netflix.

  • Those are great movies to revisit especially in these claustrophobic times. Seriously, Ann you should review movies professionally – at least I can understand your reviews!

    • Hahaha! Yes!

      • Loved the reviews! More puns!

  • THIS. This is why my first move of the day is my coffee and MDK email opening. Seriously. Submarine movie playlist—A week’s worth.☕️

  • OMG, I love a submarine movie too, and Das Boot is the best one ever.

  • Claustrophobic ? I get twitchy just reading your description.

  • I’ve never heard of the first, but love the others also. Thanks for the recommendation. Will be too hot here to do much outside today.

  • Definitely Das Boot

  • Great commentary on the submarine movies! I hope they are as entertaining as your critique! I’m with you on the claustrophobic thing getting stuck I traffic does it for me but especially getting a zipper stuck or a necklace that won’t unclasp

    • I remember once in high school going to bed in my dress because I couldn’t get the zipper undone. I left a note for my parents, who were out; they woke me up and unzipped me when they got home. Not claustrophobic, just weird.

    • I’m with you both. Middle seats, stuck in traffic, and the zipper stuck at the neck of my winter coat and I’m already sweating standing on a packed train. I hate when that happens. And loved Das Boot and U-571.

  • You know, I’ve always meant to watch these and I never have….NO EXCUSES NOW! 🙂

  • There is a new TV series “das Boot” – quite excellent. And a lot of submarine action.

  • You had me at “the rivets start to pop”. Date with Das Boot tonight!

    • PS: I’ve seen the first two many times (even saw U-571 in the theater) but had never been able to track down Das Boot. And now you tell me that Amazon Prime has it ready and waiting for me – yay! And thank you to everybody who gave further recommendations. A submarine-movie binge awaits me.

  • Love the list. And I love submarines. In theory.

  • We’re going back to the Bongo Strait!

  • I watched the TV series early on in the pandemic. It seemed to capture my moods. One minute all is relatively calm but suddenly it is battle stations and chaos. By the end of the series I had a bunch of useful German phrases that have come in handy, very handy.

    • And sorry, I don’t think my American friends here can use this
      link but I wanted to give you a look at what was a gripping series. Maybe you can find it on one of your providers.

  • There’s also a new DAS BOOT miniseries.

  • I thought I was the only one who loves submarine movies!

  • I also love sub movies, especially the ones from the 50’s. My husband was a submariner, and the first time I met him and he told me I mimicked looking through the periscope. Been together ever since!

  • Good list! I first watched Das Boot in German with English subtitles. I couldn’t understand a word spoken, but the acting was so good, I didn’t even read the subtitles. I watched it once with English dubbing, and since then always the German.

  • Not finding U-571 on Netflix, bummer.

  • Also…

    Run Silent, Run Deep

    K-19: The Widowmaker

    • Harrison Ford was really good in K19.

  • Did you know that the hunt through the nebula in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was inspired by Run Silent, Run Deep?

  • Well maybe for Jon….

  • U571 was fun but a bit loose with actual historical events. My fave submarine-related book/film is On the Beach, written by Nevil Shute. Set in Australia, with a Cold war era nuclear theme, with a sense of impeding dread, one of my fave books and has been filmed twice.

  • So submarine movies are a thing? Since I am not a big fan of suspense movies in general (except for Alfred Hitchcock, go figure) it is only because you mentioned Sean Connery and because I might have a sub-title fetish that you may have talked me into Red October and Das Boot.

  • So disappointed that U-571 is NOT on Netflix, at least I could not find it.
    Das Boot was definitely a claustrophobic sweatfest!!

  • What about Hunter Killer? 2 hours with Gérard Butler is always enjoyable!

  • There’s also Gray Lady Down with Charlton Heston. You’ve made me nostalgic for Scottish Sean Connery doing his best Russian submarine commander impersonation. It’s been years…

  • These are all good submarine movies! I will definitely seek out the ones I haven’t seen yet.
    Also, I warn against K19 the Widowmaker… I have never been so traumatized by a movie. No fun in watching this particular story. It was based upon a true story which made it also depressing.

  • Oh my gosh I love sub movies, and Hunt for Red October is my favorite!

  • What a coincidence! I spent last week binging on submarine movies, motivated from watching the new Tom Hanks film. Best find was the series “Das Boot” on Hulu! It’s a must watch.

  • There is a really old one… Run Silent Run Deep. My long ago father in law had been WWII on a sub and he said it was just like this.

  • We have U-571 on DVD, so I have seen it many times. How did I not know the radar guy was Jon Bon Jovi? Must have been the hair.