Knit to This: Cecelia Campochiaro on Fruity Knitting

By Kay Gardiner
July 18, 2020
Cecelia Campochiaro has a knack for seeing the potential for fun and freedom in the simplest of knitting textures.

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  • It’s always a treat to hear/learn from Cecelia. Thanks so much for posting.

  • I watched this last week, so also got a full dose of Fruity Knitting, as I did not have the benefit of you time marker. You are so right, she is a light bulb moment type of teacher. In a mere minute, she brings whole new clarity to serpentine sequence method. I find that I am loving Knitting my Corrugated Shawl even more!

    • Me too! I still enjoyed the rest of the podcast, but they saved the best for last!

  • The interview with Cecilia was wonderful. She explains the patterns so succinctly. And I did not know about Fruity Knitting, another treasure. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Watched it this week thanks to my knitting group. Very good. FN has certainly upped their game since I last watched.

    Even tho I’ve had Steph’s one row scarf in my queue since it’s creation, I never really wanted to knit it until Cecelia showed hers. Now I’m on a stash dive mission.

    • One row scarf?

  • Have knit one of her pieces from MDK Field Guide and my favorite knit ever. Next up Parallelogram. Thanks for letting us know about Fruity Knitting interview.

  • I was introduced to Fruity Knitting during the pandemic season thanks to the Knit Stars session Ann and Kay did, which allowed us to watch several other episodes. Andrea and Andrew are doing a great job introducing a wide variety of “makers” via their interviews, everything from those who raise the animals to those who are making the mill machines work, to those who design and knit. I think they may also be documenting some areas of local craft that may not survive. I recommend looking through other episodes. And even though I’m likely not going to knit the items they are talking about, it’s been fun to hear about their learning curves and triumphs. Nice knitting armchair travel all the way around.
    It was fun to see Cecelia pop up in this Fruity Knitting episode–and to already know about her thanks to MDK. Full circle.