Little Lessons: Blanket Squares

July 17, 2020

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  • Marvelous…and timely for me. Just about to finish a Papa and cast on a Picket Fence. And now the strpe squares have muscled their way into my queue near the head of the line.

  • Oh! That’s a clever pattern. I want to knit it now that I can see how it works.

  • No casting on or casting off, just start with a slip knot… What a cool concept. So you’re knitting a diagonal garter square. Wow, mind-blowing! Thx Jen;)

  • Thank you so much for the visuals! Seeing it done makes it so clear and shows me that I can actually do this pattern!

  • I have a question about joining knitted blocks. When I crocheted there were different ways to crochet pieces together instead of seaming with a tapestry needle, and I’m wondering if there is any way just to knit the blocks together (after the fact, not as you’re making them). Is that a thing that’s done?

  • Dying from the heat….doing sweaters…No deadlines…probably pick up a good read….possible triple digits this weekend..deb

  • Jen’s videos are awesome. Wish I’d had them when I started my Picket Fence. (I’m 10 blocks in). She makes it all so very clear!

  • Seven blocks done on my Picket Fence and was reassured by these videos that I’m doing everything right! Thank you Jen and Julia.

  • I don’t see the bookmark to save the article? Thanks

    • You need to sign in, then the bookmark will appear.

    • Looking for the sawtooth square blockers that are illustrated here. Is there a notions page?

  • I like center out blocks that I weave together, a technique from Elizabeth Zimmernann. I also like a 3 needle bind off as a design feature.

  • I am intrigued by this pattern but all the turning and slipping and knitting and purling – what happens when you have to stop mid stride – when life calls you away! I can only imagine I’d lose the plot in more ways than one. But the video tutorials are a great help.