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  • Love these!! THANK YOU for introducing me to this designer. I am down the rabbit hole!!

  • Love these, too! Already favorited the cardigan and tank on Ravelry. I was looking for the perfect tank pattern and found it! LOVE ❤️

    • I agree! That tank is perfect! Covers the bra straps, isn’t see through, and has a lovely shape and drape.

  • I love that she has a man modeling! And such Great sweaters!! I also love the comment about giving the knitter a rest occasionally. Nice to sometimes have a project where you can just do Plain knitting. Thx!

    • I have a new favorite designer! Thanks for introduceibg Fatima to us.

    • Loved all of these and bought most of them. I have a feeling I will be swatching for Garter Dollop and the Adventure Tank momentarily. Thank you so much for featuring Fatimah and her gorgeous designs!

  • Wow, I can only echo everybody else: I love all of these. I don’t think I’ve ever favorited so many designs at once from one designer – and bought one immediately! I’m off to look at everything thing else on her Ravelry. Thank you!

  • Yet another amazing designer! I really like your take on line and shape. Awilix and Afreet Hat-Embers look very interesting to me. Lovely work.

  • Me, too, in the “love these department.” I’m often drawn to men’s sweaters because of the clean lines. The cardigan will be on my needles soon. And that little Garter Dollop just works! Thanks for the introduction.

  • I love the community you have created and continue to build. Thank you for bringing forward people’s beauty in a way that really sees them and with that creates a connected community. Very grateful. And, please pass along thanks to Fatimah for her designs and great spirit!

  • Love all these designs. Thanks for the introduction to this amazing designer.

  • Great patterns. Love the Cardigan and it wearable for me because it’s man sized. I’ll definitely need to try the tank but with some added sleeves. Don’t want my flabby arms to show. Her hays also look so fun.
    Thank you for show casing this designer.
    So fun.

    • I plan to make the tank as written but wear it over a shirt or t-shirt, I’m also self conscious about my arms 😐

  • Thank you for the intro to this talented designer. Loved many of her unique patterns,

  • “Our cats met” !!! What more can you ask for? Fatimah’s designs are fantastic.

  • Minecraft-themed cardy? Count me in!

  • I’m a sucker for a great cardigan…,and that’s a great cardigan! Thanks for showcasing this talented designer!

    • Ditto!

      • SUPER DITTO !!!!

  • Such beautiful designs. I love the textures on the pom cubed hat. It’s a very interesting design!

    • Yes please, Pom Squared Hat!

  • Oh, that Nether Brick cardigan: swoon!

  • Oh, these are gorgeous! It’s so nice to see them on a man they look great!

  • Love these designs! Christmas gift knitting, here I come!

  • Gorgeous designs!
    I feel much better about frogging!

  • I love Fatima’s Adventure tank! I bought it immediately, and I already have yarn to make it. 🙂

  • Wow – thanks for bring this designer to my attention! Love so many of her patterns.

  • I love the variety in these pieces! I am stuck in a project of too much stockinette!! I’m putting it down for a break and heading for that scarf and hat!! Watch out stash here I come!! Fingers crossed I have the perfect yarn…if not I have resources! Wink wink! Haha!! Wonderful to find this designer! Thank you! Have fun everyone!

  • ❤️ Adventure Tank! That’s my kind of summer top.

  • “Something her husband would wear but was actually interesting to knit”. Yup. There’s a challenge.

  • Oh!!! What nice items!! Definitely going onto raverly to check her out!! Love the tank top!! And the hats!! I have a few family members that will be asking for them for sure!!

  • Thank you for featuring a POC designer! I made a pledge to myself to buy a pattern every week from BIPOC, and I missed last week. Made up for it with six (6!) wonderful patterns from Fatima.

  • Love your designs! My Grandsons would definitely wear the sweaters, I would like to check your patterns out. Where would I go to do that?❤❤

    • Hi Jeri,

      Just click on the red links and they will take you to the pattern pages on Ravelry.com.

  • Fatimah’s designs are great! I’ve knitted her Garter Dollop shawl love, love, love it!!!

  • Ooh, some gorgeous new favourites for my ravelry list. Thank you for this lovely article about a brilliant designer I can start getting to know. I don’t know how many of my blog and designer obsessions I can thank you ladies for, but I do know it’s a few 😉

  • WOW ! What a find and her designs are beautiful

  • I love the hats shown. A new reason to go on a yarn quest to find the yarn for them

  • What fun colors and patterns! And a smiling model while I am here in 90’s degree heat wearing a frowny face. This artist has so much versatility and creativity that she could fill a book! Thank you for spotlighting her.

  • That cardigan! Yes, please!

  • The garter dollop! The nether brick cardigan! Her designs are fabulous, and now I’m off to favorite several of them.

  • Love Fatimah’s smile and her patterns! i am starting with Stellar … its winter in Tasmania …we are the island state at the most southern part of Australia. Love your blog MDK not just for introducing me to designers, yarns and techniques, but what you write and stand for.

  • When I started looking at your designs and color schemes, there was something about them that really drew me in and as silly as it may sound, I think it’s because you’re a math teacher… I find myself intrigued with the math, the geometry, the creativity, and the artistry of needlecrafts and I see all of those in the uniqueness of your patterns. I just hope my abilities are up to par because I really want to knit a couple of your patterns.