In Praise of the Triangular Shawl

By Ann Shayne
July 1, 2020

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  • I wanttttt eeeeettttt.

    • I wish I had someone to teach me basics so I could get started!

  • I recently completed my first triangular scarf and while it wasn’t as intricate as yours, I enjoyed watching it come to life. Only problem is once i got out to the zillion stitches and realized I had lots of those rows left the “instant gratification ” switch got turned off.

  • I love the look of this wrap and am about to begin. I’m curious though. Refresh shows the Transom gauge at 21 stitches and this wrap at 27 stitches. Yet both use the same yarn and size 6 needles. Am I missing something? I have swatched on a few sizes but have not gotten 27 stitches on any. Help!!

    • Disregard – I figured it out. That’s 29 stitches over the cable block. Read the entire sentence roni!!

  • I just finished the first sleeve of my Transom cardigan. After the knitting gymnastics of the sleeve cap, it all clicked and came out so good. This pattern is full of new to me knitting which I love.

  • The Iqaluit shawl is designed like this. It’s by The Petite Knitter. It was so fun watching different patterns emerge and when you get to 200+ stitches wide, you change color and repeat the patterns decreasing as you go. It was a contender in MDK March Mayhem a couple of years ago!