Toni Morrison

By Ann Shayne
June 20, 2020

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  • Thank you for this. Time to revisit Toni Morrison—- especially now.

  • Thank you!

  • Loved Ms. Nell Painter’s autobiographical “Old In Art School”. She is inspiring.

    • I’ve got Audible credits just waiting for me. Thanks for the excellent tip.

    • I loved that book too, and listening to Ms Painter read it to me. I enjoy listening to audio books free of charge on the apps Libby or Overdrive.

  • The Minneapolis Film Society is going to stream the documentary “Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am” for free tomorrow June 21 starting at 1:00 p.m. CST for 24 hours.

  • Thank you for honoring her and blessing readers with this. A Legend indeed.

  • So lovely to watch this morning. Love her work and her spirit.

  • Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting Toni Morrison video. Man what a great woman! I have heard of her in my reading but never picked any of her works! Shame on me but no more. Where to begin? “Songs for Solomon”? Thank you again and again.!

    • Song of Solomon is good! Beloved and The Bluest Eye are probably where I would start though. Then Song of Solomon and A Mercy. Then The Source of Self Regard (which are non fiction essays by Morrison)

      • Thanks for your suggestions on where to start, Shana!

  • I have seen interviews of her, and I have read all her works, but I have not seen above and cannot wait to tune in.
    I was a white tween when Roots first aired on TV, living in very white western Maine. That miniseries had such a huge impact on me. I lived around a lot of racists, some in my own family. I remember arguing with adults about racism (and sexism) all the time, especially after watching that.
    When I read Beloved a couple decades ago, it was the same kind of impact. I had read and seen so many accounts of American slavery in between, so much horror upon horror. Beloved- like Roots all those years ago – just hit me so hard. My heart starts to pound to simply think of that book. Toni Morrison was a treasure.

  • I agree – Toni Morrison is an excellent reader. In general, I prefer audiobooks read by the author, because I know I’m hearing exactly what the writer intended the reader to hear – not always the case with a narrator.

  • I just started reading/listening to Beloved, for the exact reasons you state above. Morrison’s voice and the words she’s written are stunning.

  • You can also download audiobooks free from most local libraries (books, music, and video, too!). Then use the dollars saved to buy yarn

  • I am a huge fan of audiobooks, and especially appreciate books read by the author, because then I know I am hearing exactly what the author intended. I agree 100% – Toni Morrison is a superb reader.