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  • Holy Moly! What a feast for the eyes. This is so great.

  • Thanks

  • Ladies,

    Thank you for featuring Jeanette and her new site on your blog. I wasn’t aware of this project and must have missed the launch on IG (I follow her there). I’ve been a fan of Jeanette’s since she was a knitwear designer at Rowan. As a fiber lover of color who has been dabbling in all things yarn for several decades, I’m happy to see this site. It’s about time. Again, thank you for sharing and kudos to the name change!

    • Thank you for sharing this website! This is going to be an adventure in fiber! Love learning about new designers, etc.!

  • I am really enjoying this new directory. Amazing creativity!

  • Amazing Designs! I can’t wait to delve in to this website – wonderful idea, Jeanette.

  • thank you for bringing this amazing website to our attention

    • A beautiful new world to explore. Thank you

  • Thank you!

    • Fabulous!!!!!!! I am so grateful for this work.

  • I discovered this site yesterday and spent the morning looking at thevwonderful people.

  • Holy Cow, it’s like CHRISTMAS.

  • Thank you so much! I love how you are broadening our horizons. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Thanks for highlighting this! What a great resource! Visibility matters.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this! One of my commitments is to use my knitting dollars to support BIPOC individuals and BIPOC-led companies wherever possible, and this is a terrific resource to help further that goal.

  • I subscribed! Thank you!

  • It’s wonderful to have a resource such as this, opening doors for more talent. Thank you!

  • Thank you! I have been aware of Jeanette but not the site. I appreciate your putting this out here for all of us fiber folk!

  • What a great resource! I see at least two others who should be added: Brooke @ FullySpun.com and Adria @ OnyxFiberArts.com.

  • Thank you –

  • Very much appreciate your highlighting these designers and dyers. Thank you.