Socks and Blocks: Small and Portable

By Ann Shayne
June 9, 2020

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  • I love Hazel Knits merino wool cashmere nylon fingering weight yarn. I am a sucker for cashmere . But I have to wait to buy any sock yarn. My sock yarn bin is VERY full! Hmmm… but a bigger bin? Lol

  • Oh, I have a pair of unfinished socks that needed encouragement. Right after I finish the shawl I’m working on,I’m on it!

  • I am in. I have a Sock One partially Heal Turned. Perfect for this Knit Along.

  • I have a couple half-pairs of socks I need to finish up, but first I need to finish my Sussurate shawl. Only 6 rows and a bind-off left — but when the rows are almost 500 stitches, and it’s brioche, so that means really, each row is almost 1000 stitches, those 6 rows are going to take a while. In the meantime, I guess I can dig out those half-pairs of sicks, though.

    • Janna, I’m Susurrating along right now. 20 rows, and the bind off, to go. A couple of months ago I learned (through YouTube) to make both passes at once on each row. Still doing the same number of stitches, just using the MC in my left hand (first pass stitch), CC in my right hand (second pass stitch), and though it’s technically the same # of stitches, it seems faster. Here’s to having our beautiful shawls in time for Fall!

  • You just took the needle out of the Hedgehog sock! Gasp. Didn’t even put it on scrap yarn! That is so…bada**.

    • I, too, stand in awe. *picking jaw up off the ground*

      • I, three, am also in awe. I looked again at the picture, searching for the string/cord/cable holding the stitches. I tried to pick up loose stitches once, and twisted every one of the them the wrong way. Definitely not as brave/skilled as you!

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  • it is the complimentary colours in the Hedgehog fibres yarn that really captures our eyes. Me ‘usband landscape artist E.Robert Ross explained this effect early in our acquaintance when we were painting a room terracotta around a fireplace with bottle green ceramic tiles in the 1920s flat we lived in.

  • So…if I find the 3 “pairs” of socks that were started on DPNS 3 years ago, I can put them forward as my KAL projects? Woot! Daughter says she knows where they are!