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  • This is where I “come along side you”. My squares are Mitered Cross Squares. Both are Christmas gifts.

    • I too am going with a mitred square. Less stitching to do as you join as you go. But less portable!

    • Good choice! Mitered cross, log cabin, and ballband dishcloth for the win!!

      • I am going for 100 square blanket. Hoping to have a least 40 done by end of June. Objective is to get a head start on donations to winter blanket charity projects.

    • Is there a special place to add a tip.?
      I came up with a genius one just a minute ago.
      If you drop a stitch and are having trouble ‘seeing’. light up your cell phone and pop it behind your work. Would be very good on socks.

  • I’ll be making blocks alright, cotton of course, but they will never make it to a blanket. They will serve as dish and wash cloths

  • This is an opportunity to get started on a blanket for a grand daughter’s graduation in 2 years. I’m generally a procrastinator, so this really helps inspire me.

    • I would love to see the pattern

  • Could you correct the quantity needed of Handknit Cotton on the Ravelry page? I am guessing the afghan takes more than one skein each of 3 colors . . .and people will want to order all at once to make sure the dyelots match. thank you!

    • The original design has three “pickets” of color, hence the three single skeins of Handknit Cotton.

  • I have a C-19 blanket of mitered squares in stashed worsted already started. In March, in the thick of the need for mindless knitting, it was my best option and saved my sanity on many days of worry and isolation.

  • My first knit along…is this a race? Or just a community working on similar projects?

    • The latter 🙂 Though I am sure you could race against others in a friendly way if you wanted!

  • First time making socks! Advice welome

    • me too!!

    • Prepare to become addicted. . . 🙂
      I’m sure the folks in the lounge will be very helpful! It’s easy to crowdsourcing answers to a fun and knowledgeable group there, as well as enjoy camaraderie!

    • My first sock was shaped like a horse hoof. My advice is don’t give up. It’s a small project so, even if you have to rip it back to the cast on (or worse!), it’s not the end of the world. Socks are now my favorite thing to knit.
      And you’ll find your tribe – I’m a member of the “Top-Down, Two at a Time (TAAT) on Two Circular Needles” tribe, myself.

  • Before this KAL started, I had an urge to just do simple mindless crafting. I have been crocheting granny squares, thinking one day they may be a full blanket. Can I join if I am not doing the chosen patterns and not even knitting? 😉

    • Well, if course! It is an inclusive group.

      • I figured. 🙂 But not only am I straying off pattern, I’m even straying off craft!

      • I want to join the KAL, but I don’t understand how to join. Is there a sign up? Or do I just start posting in the lounge? The “Socks and Blocks Knitalong 2020” link in this post points to “Page Not Found”

        Please advise.
        Thank you,

  • I’m in and along side, with a stack of Hand Knit Cotton, and many dishcloth patterns!

    • I bought some cotton yarn to make facecloths and dishcloths . …are u knitting them plain?

  • I’ve never made socks before…which sock pattern is best for a beginner?
    Thanks so much! Mary

  • I want to join the knit-along, knitting socks- although I have been knitting for years- never finish a project- I once made ONE sock! I need a really easy pattern to follow. Thanks

    • The pattern in the field guide is really simple and walks you through each step (pun intended lol). It will be great for you to learn with.

  • I’m so excited to finally find a way to use my stashed denim. I’ve got both colors.
    I’ve never had enough of one color to make something but perfect for this project. I’m supposing it’s fine to use the Rowan cotton to fill in the color gaps, with the denim.

  • I’m doing an unofficial “Tour de Sock” with a total of 12 different sock patterns over the course of two months. Am I allowed in the knit-along even if I’m not doing the sock you’re doing?

  • OK, I bought WANDERLUST and am excited about trying toe up, but can’t part with my 1941 pattern that I’ve used for 50+ years

  • I’m going with “Summer Cowl squares” in miscellaneous leftover cotton yarns, in shades of blue. The following are the “rules.” Cast on 24 stitches. Knit 8 border rows (4 garter ridges.) Place a stitch marker 4 stitches in from either end. Knit the first and last 4 stitches. The middle 16 stitches can be…whatever fits in there, until it’s time to knit the last 8 border rows. I cast on provisionally and have the final row of stitches on waste yarn in order to give myself joining options. At 5 inches square, I’m thinking 10 squares for a cowl worn doubled. (“Summer cowl” may seem like an oxymoron, but some neck protection is often welcome here on the Oregon coast, especially when it’s windy.)

  • Did I see a special code when placing an order for this knit along…or was I dreaming? I can’t seem to get back to it if there was one. Thanks for your help.

  • Wonderful suggestions

  • I just received my Wanderlust!! Can’t wait to get started. Love making toe-up TAAT socks.