The Switcheroo: Nua Sport and Felted Tweed

May 27, 2020

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  • Oh goody, I have a bit of each yarn and you have inspired me, Jillian, to do my own (gasp!) swatching. (I imagine each person”s knitting style adds their own “twist” (sorry) to the equation as well?) Thank you for these fascinating-to-me-also differences, especially regarding color. I can’t resist the apples-to-apples comparison of The Two Parent Traps. Hayley Mills vs. Lindsay Lohan. Both have spunk and personality. But to me Hayley had more warmth and charm. So interesting to compare.

  • Thank you! I think I’m starting to understand all the nuances in selecting a yarn. I appreciate all the work and care that you have put into explaining these differences.


  • ”Every single thing about yarn is exciting to me.” And this is why we love you so, Mz Jillian. 🙂

    • I could not agree more! And the discoveries never end. Great article.

  • Before I started reading Jillian’s articles, I rarely gave yarn construction a second thought. Nor did it occur to me that my particular knitting technique could further affect how a yarn behaves. I have become a full on swatching fanatic. I am all on board the all-aspects-of-yarn-are-fascinating train! Whoo whoo!

  • This cheered up my day! As a mother of identical twin girls, and a lover of both Nua and Felted Tweed, I can attest that you can appreciate both the differences and similarities, and love both to the moon and back .

  • Jillian, you are a treasure!

  • I love these comparisons. Not to appear ungrateful, I do find the color disparity between the two yarns somewhat clouds the results for me. Had they both been grey or green the results would have been somewhat more useful (again, for me). But thank you so much!

  • Thankyou, this solves my dilemma as I am wanting to Knit Carol Feller’s “Corca” pattern in Felted tweed as the man about the house would like me to knit him a sweater but not too thick and I was wondering if I used the Sport weight it would be lighter. Will now use the Felted tweed. Many thanks

  • Running to the LYS takes a bit of planning because of the distance. Having the exact yarn for a pattern can leave me hanging… so knowing the content of the yarn and how it will knit up is a define “yes” in my book. Swatching seems like the “ oh bother, back in school practicing sums for math” when all the kids drag their feet and make funny faces. And there’s always the kid who really gets it, why we need to practice, the one who makes the lightbulb “ah ha” moment shine bright for the rest of the class. You’ve hit the 1000 watt spotlight and made it fun. Thank you!