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  • I just happen to be planning a blanket constructed in squares after I complete my current project. Coincidence? Serendipity?

    • Kismet!

  • Is there a video on how to do the color change for a beginner knitter for squares?

  • This post made me think of the Dr Seuss book Fox in Socks! Full of tongue twisters like “Socks on chicks and chicks on fox. Fox on clocks on bricks and blocks”

    • What a blast from the past!


      • If you look on youtube for the Wes Tank version, it’s funnier when you hear him rap it to Dr Dre beats.

        • That was our parental nightmare book, LOL. That Wes Tank reading is Epic!

      • Hi- I’m excited to join this KAL. It’s been years since I’ve worked up a blanket, so this seems perfect.

  • I have difficulty knitting with cotton—find it unyielding. (A metaphor for life these days?) Can you recommend a wool that would work well with this pattern? Thank you!

    • I’m using Berroco Ultra Alpaca and love it. https://www.ravelry.com/projects/kkonsterlie/picket-fence-afghan

      • I was about to ask the same question about alternatives to cotton, but I can’t follow Kristin’s suggestion because I’m (sob) allergic to alpaca.
        Other suggestions, please?

    • I’m with you here. I have arthritis and find it difficult for the same reason. I’m thinking of using the Kaffe brights and really making it an interesting project:))

    • Outstanding, I’ve been working on mastering the sock process. I found Jen Arnall-Culliford’s book, “A Year of Techniques”, very helpful. The July Heel Turn Technique Video did the trick cementing the piece of the process I just couldn’t seem to master. I have three single socks that need mates. Cheers to socks.

    • We’re huge fans of Rowan Felted Tweed for this. It comes in 30+ colors, makes a dreamy blanket. https://www.moderndailyknitting.com/shop/felted-tweed/

    • I’m using Cascade superwash and like how it is turning out. Bonus that it is washable!

    • Thank you all! Stay safe!

    • I don’t know if you’ve already tried the rowan cotton. But if you haven’t it might be worth a go. It’s floofier than other cotton yarns so it’s more like wool to knit with.

    • I think that blanket would knit up nicely in Cascade 220.

  • I’m in. I have only knit one pair of socks before, and they turned out fine, though with an imperfectly shaped toe on one (who needed stitch markers!). I need to knit more to improve and reinforce my skills. Socks would make great Christmas gifts, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

    • If you crank some Christmas gifts now, you will feel so incredibly clever come December!

    • Think Big! Definitely get ahead of yourself! I sent my first pair of socks to my University flat mate with a washing label and logo and she thought they were bought from a shop.

  • Great minds! I have started knitting log cabin squares (Field Guide No. 4, I believe) for a blanket of undetermined size. That is one of at least five works in progress in various rooms of my house! Finishing a square gives me a great sense of accomplishment, hard to come by these days.

    • I agree, Pennie! Finishing a square comes really quickly, and it has a doneness to it that is very satisfying.

  • I have FG No.4, Log Cabin, on it’s way to me now! And I’ve been knitting Ballband dishcloths;) Thinking about combining these 2 types of squares into a comfy cotton blanket. Also gonna try BB dishcloths in Euroflax linen.

  • Is it cheating that I happen to have both socks and this very blanket already on needles… And resting while I transom my way thru a cardigan? I think not.

    • LOL Running start! You’ve got this! What yarn are you using for the blanket?

      • Cascade super wash. Started as my bus knitting one desparate day. Light and dark blue… Some days the bus was super slow and I could get half of a square. Never thought I’d miss commuting…

  • OOOOH Atlantic and Turkish Plum, come HERE!

    • Obviously someone else has the same idea there are only 6 skeins of turkish plum! SADNESS!

      • So sorry, Em! More is on the way–I’m with you on the Turkish Plum thing. We’ll have more next week.

  • I’m finishing up a blankie (lapghan size) using Bernat’s Blanket yarn, chenille-like in a seafoam variegated color; B2G1F….. I got for my 3 January birthday (71)…..I first covered two throw pillows crocheting….. and started a large knit dishrag diagonal pattern with the last of it (4 bales?) and popped butterfly stitches on it here and there…..enough left to put some tassels on it, me thinks…..(( what’s on your hooks and needles……?

  • I’m so in! (Blanket or socks, blanket or socks … or both?)

  • I started a picket fence afghan almost 2 years ago and ran into a wall, or maybe just a fence. It is all still in a project bag, ready for a challenge. I also will be finishing a test knit by June 1, so the timing couldn’t be better.

  • Is the Rowan Denim the original denim or the newer version?

  • I just happen to own both of these books!

  • I recently came across a stash of Noro silk garden that I had long forgotten about(10 years old at least!) Thanks to your inspiration I have been cranking out log cabin squares. It is the best color and knitting therapy ever! No color decisions and each square is a work of art. Thanks for helping me feel like a knitting savant. Looking forward to more square therapy this summer.

  • Wow, I am now feeling so in tune with you guys! I just happened to order (along with Making A Life) the two sock colors I’ve been coveting since last summer’s Wanderlust-sock-along! And was rooting around on Ravelry just yesterday for blanket ideas . . . Perfect! Can’t (won’t likely) wait until June 1!

  • I’m in!! I just finished the MDK Mitered Squares Blanket and I’ve been trying to decide on my next blanket project. (Full disclosure, I knit all the mitered squares about 5 years ago when I retired and then put them in a closet because I couldn’t bear the thought of all that seaming. I decided for my quarantine knittin, I would finish some of my oldest UFOs so I pulled it out several weeks ago and put aside all other knitting until I got it all seamed). I’ve got a bunch of Rowan Pure Wool Worsted that would work perfectly for the Picket Fences Blanket. I bought the Ease MDK Field Guide earlier today and may cast on this weekend. Have a great holiday weekend everyone and stay safe!!!

  • Will WIPs count? I have a crazy project going with some other designers socks, doing 6 pairs at a time. This just may be the push I need to get them done. They aren’t from Wendy but some of Andi Smith’s.

  • This will be my first knit-along and I am looking forward to it. I have been making log cabin squares from Malabrigo and Madelinetosh leftovers from my stash. I feel the Picket Fence will step up my game, and introduce me to new skills. I must admit I am a little anxious about that, since I am staying home and away from my beloved knitting mentor. I am encouraged that the knit-along sounds supportive.
    I ordered my Rowan cotton from MDK, although I had to find the Turkish Plum elsewhere. I love the MDK newsletter and I am pleased that I could find most of my yarn there for this project.
    Thank you for doing this!

  • I’ve made a picket fence Afghan ( and love it). I’d like to try log cabin-ing. Which field guide teaches it?

    • Field Guide No 4 is Log Cabin Debbie. I ordered mine last Saturday after watching Ann and Kay at VKL virtual event. It arrives today!!

  • I have the Wanderlust book and it’s beautiful! My sock knitting is pretty dismal. I have tried on numerous occasions and have ended up with only 2 pair that fit. Other attempts have ended up too small or too large. Mostly too large these days. Otherwise, I’d love to join along for the socks.

  • This is perfect for what I’m looking for! So excited!

  • This will be my first knit along. I would like to br part of the Epic Summer knit a long. Silly question……how do I join?

  • I just bought the pattern for the picket fence afghan and will buy the yarn this week. I have read through the pattern and feel like I will need some instruction….will that be available?

  • I have never knit socks . Would this be a good place for a beginner?

  • How do you join a knitalong?

  • Count me in for team socks! I’ve been wanting to try more of the patterns from the field guide.

  • My MDK sock yarn order should arrive tomorrow! Can’t wait! #TeamSocks

  • how do you find information about the knit along?