Working in the Round: Hiding the Gaps

May 13, 2020

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  • Great timing for this helpful article! Today I’m assisting daughter with weaving in ends at the CO and BO ends of a fingerless glove. Thanks!

  • Last night at my ZOOM knitting night I wove in the ends of my BonJour Hi from Espace Tricot. I wish this had come one day sooner. The good thing is there is always another project and opportunity for your helpful instructions. Thank you.

  • It’s probably just me, but I found this a little hard to follow : a video on this subject would be great!

    • Sounds like a great idea! A video:)

  • Benn doing the messy bun version of these for years. Thanks Kate for helping me clean it up.

  • I wonder why the bookmark button has not shown up in the last two articles?

    • If you aren’t logged in to MDK, the bookmark button won’t show up. Log in and it will (this just happened to me).

      • Same.

  • Kate your tutorials are all so easy to follow and I thank you for that !

  • Been doing this for years. No one showed me how. I just figured it out for myself.

  • Thank you! I’ve been knitting for 56 years, grew up in Bavaria and in those days you learned to knit in 2nd grade! So the slip knot is a given however though with the rest I always kinda fudge my way through, yours is a very elegant way of finishing… This shows you it’s never too late to learn something new to you!

  • I just happened to have just a cast-on row for a second sock that I cast on before I went to bed last night. AND decided to rip it back so I could start with a proper slip knot, only to discover that is what I ALWAYS use! So automatic that I don’t even think about it… Thanks, Kate; love that starting with with both ends trick.

  • Been knitting Chemo Caps for years (great project for waiting rooms) and some of this will help. And some I’ve been doing already. Guess knitters are often logical thinkers… ☺
    One thing I’ve picked up is casting on 1 extra stitch at the end. Then do a simple overhand knot between working and tail yarns (keeps the last stitch snug). I then move the last CO stitch from the right needle to the left and start my round by knitting 2 tog. And follow your advice on knitting the first stitch with both tail and working yarns.

    • I know that many swear by the “casting on an extra stitch” trick. For me, I don’t use it, as moving the stitch from one needle to the other adds a risk of dropping a stitch. At sock gauges, it can be tricky to pick those up!

  • Even after logging in the save bookmark did not appear

  • If you work the first row after you cast on back across the stitches, then join into a round as you work the second row, you will eliminate the jog issue. You will still have a little gap to close up with your cast on tail, but the sides will align. I read this somewhere years ago, but can’t remember where. You will also have the opposite side of the long tail cast on showing on the right side which I prefer the looks of anyway.

    • Yup! Some love that technique. So many options! For me, I find that gap a little harder to tidy.

  • Glorious color. What is the yarn?

  • What do you mean that you work the first stitch with both ends of yarn?

    • I knit that first stitch with both the working yarn and the cast-on tail held together. Does that make sense?

  • I don’t have a Save icon on this one, even after I signed in.

    • Refresh your screen and it should work for you.

  • When knitting in the round how do you stop the first rows from twisting

  • What a timely post. The other day I had just finished blocking a top down yoke sweater. It looked gorgeous yet I was more than ready to put off the weaving in. For ages. I hate that part of the process.
    Imagine my surprise to find this in my inbox.
    Thanks for the advice and wise words. I have masterfully woven in all the ends and completed my beautiful sweater.
    Thanks for this addition to my skills toolbox!

  • Why is there no bookmark so I can save this article?

  • For socks I work the first 3 rows on straight needles then knit stitches across onto circular needles. I join up the mini side seam with the long cast on end. It’s a very neat finish. It saves the fiddliness of those first few rows at the same time, and accidentally getting in a twist. I’ve used this method on cowls to, but not much larger garments though.

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