Clip & Save: Carol Feller’s Fabulous Video Tutorials

By Kay Gardiner and Carol Feller
May 6, 2020
Field Guide No. 14: Refresh is here, and it's a delightful breeze of beautiful knitting.

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  • Lovely! I so want to knit the Transom cardigan but have two other projects on my needles one of which is a blanket for a wedding gift. I’m afraid I won’t meet the deadline for the gift so I don’t dare start another project now!

  • Plan to make this sweater…need to finish this thistle cardigan…a new experience…almost there…back later…order the yarn from knitting off broadway..owner is a very gifted young lady…Plan to save the videos…new techniques to conquer…deb

    • Even after signing into my account I do not see the bookmark tab when using my Iphone. Anyone else with this problem? Hope I remember to save it when I’m on my laptop.

      • As soon as I posted that, the icon showed up. I guess it responds to scolding.

  • I would love to save this article, but there is no bookmark tab on this! What am I missing? Only Facebook, Pinterest, email tabs.

    • Never mind! Found it!

      • Where did you find it? I don’t see it!

        • I do know how to save MDK articles, but after reloading several times, the bookmark tab has still not shown up. Some funny business going on here!

  • Wonderful, now I can find it when I get to the projects. I want to knit them all!

  • Oh, I do love a saddle shoulder!

  • Where is the ‘flag’ to save this article?

    • IIt suddenly appeared. Do these things have life?

  • I have been noticing that the little flag to bookmark articles has been missing for a while. How does it come back?