The Trellis Top: A Whole New Deal

By Ann Shayne
April 17, 2020

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  • My yarn for this ingenious layering piece arrived yesterday and the Cafe Flamingo colorway is every bit as gorgeous as the tempting photographs. I am really looking forward to May 1 and Carol’s tutorials. But first, I must swatch!

    • My yarn arrived yesterday too! Great minds think alike!

  • Oh good. I ordered the Field Guide precisely for this pattern (and the hat!). Looking forward to the tutorial. Not sure yet about the colors.

  • Hi. So are you out of a lot of the colors? 6 or 7? Thanks.

    • Thanks for asking! More arriving later today–we got cleaned out!

  • Cannot wait to cast on this lovely little top. I’m stuck on sleeve island with a sweater right now and it’s about to kill me. Ugh! Thank you for another beautiful Field Guide. You ladies are the best!

    • I always do the sleeves first (they do double duty as a gauge swatch too ) that way the enthusiasm hasn’t waned by the time I get to them! However, I’m planning on making trellis first too because I love the style of it.

      • So much color indecision here.

  • Love the top…will order field guide but how many skeins are needed ( thinking single shipping carbon foot print )

  • I just finished cleaning out my Ravelry queue, and here you go loading it back up again! This Trellis Top is super cute!

  • This top has caught my eye! I am thinking that I will make myself one and then make another for my daughter!

  • I have so much on my plate, I would love to dump my real life and immediately knit this wonderful top. I’m buttons were the deal breaker for me

  • Swatching for this as well as the Twining Wrap is underway here inside my house! Let the Twining and Trellis-ing begin!!

  • Could you sew up the sides if you didn’t want buttons?

    • I’m thinking of either sewing them or using Jul closures. I’ve never used them but they look pretty cool. I like the way her buttons look but I’m not sure I would love having them on the sides in reality.

  • I’m not sure why I can’t wrap my head around this….are the “knitting measurements” the “finished measurements”…‍♀️

  • I just ordered the field guide 14 and the Nui yarn; my first KAL with MDK and I am excited. I saw that my yarn has shipped already. Where do you find the buttons for trellis?