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  • I have to thank you – your notes, content and publications are fun, fresh and inspiring. And during this days of seeing terror around us it’s no mean feat.

    • Hear hear!!:)

  • Yay! I’m off to your shop 😀

  • Could the transom cardigan be knitted in a cotton or cotton blend that gives gauge?

    • I’m going to say yes! I want to see how it comes out but I see no reason why not.

  • I just bought the ebook. How can I get that into my Ravelry library?

  • A KAL! So I have my book and the Nua sport for Transom. Picking the color was really tough as there are so many luscious choices. I am churning through my quarantine blanket so I can be ready.

  • Is there charter subscription really”out of stock”? That’s the message I got.

    Beside patterns. I want to make sure of them.

  • Congratulations on another bedazzling and inspiring Field Guide! Thanks so much for all the work you and your team do to offer us distraction, comfort, beauty, nourishment–and the occasional belly laugh, of course. Take good care of yourselves.

  • Lovely job ladies. The Trellis Top is first on my list. Can’t wait to get my copy in maybe today’s mail.

  • The Transom Cardigan! The hat! Oh my….

  • Love the new field guide patterns…deb

  • I received my field guide earlier this week and have already completed the hat. I am sure I will make more. Oh, yes the yarn is wonderful too.

    • So good to hear! I’m casting on the hat this weekend for my first run with Nua.

  • I tried to order the 2020 subscription. I couldn’t get the order processed??

  • When should charter subscribers receive their books?

  • Hi, friends! I am a charter subscriber, living in Oregon – any idea when my new Guide is likely to arrive? Can’t wait to knit that hat!

  • Another wonderful Field Guide!
    Love, love, love this yarn. It has a silky feel and the colors and fabulous. Knits up into a wonderful fabric.

  • Defense want to knit arcade hat

  • I’m new to KALs on MDK. Is the KAL always the sweater? I want to have enough time to get the right amount of Nua yarn for whichever one is chosen.

    • Hi Cheryl!
      We’ll be doing a knitalong for any of the four projects in Field Guide No. 14, so choose whatever looks like fun for you.
      So glad you can join in!

  • Hope this finds everyone well and in good spirits! I have a question on the Trellis Top in Refresh….is it knit holding two strands of yarn throughout? Colors listed are Chalk and Plum. Thanks! Deneise in San Antonio TX

  • Oh I gave myself quite a laugh! No it isn’t knit with two strands! Chalk and Plum is a color! Deneise in San Antonio Laughter is good!

  • could someone please explain to me what a field guide is? I don’t usually buy things when I can’t figure out what it is. Cute names, but calling something Wanderlust or Joy does not provide enough info to motivate me to pay for it.