Songs of Comfort

By Kay Gardiner
March 28, 2020

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  • Patrick Stewart is reading a Shakespeare Sonnet each day. Lovely.

    • Oooo, where? Can you add a link?

    • Amazing reading in his husky baritone. Another favorite is Mary Chaplin Carpenter in her kitchen with her dad’s Princeton hat, her wonderful golden retriever and her song Edinburgh

  • Ode to Joy. I’m not crying in my coffee, you are!

    • I loved Little Fox and her husband singing Side by Side, it brought back memories of sing a longs with my parents, dad on tuba, friends on various instruments and my mother singing.
      The ball band dishcloth is my go to dishcloth and I have probably made a hundred or so.
      I made the original log cabin afghan after taking a class from Ann (many years ago).
      I still want to make something out of the Sequences book (the original $60 book that I carried around Rhinebeck before your field guide came out).
      Thanks for your Saturday tidbits.

  • Beautiful music! Thank you.

  • Music is the thing, Kay, literally a gift—it floats through the air from the musician to the listener, and all of a sudden, the listener has that melody in her memory. It doesn’t require a thumb drive or a recording. We can treasure it forever, any time.

  • I’ve really been enjoying performances tagged #livefromhome.

  • Thank you for your generosity. It is so beautiful! It touched my very “tender” soul (another way to say “stressed”, “hysterical”, “emotional”, “scared”, “fed up” altogether).

  • Thank you for this. The songs are beautiful and a balm for the soul in the days’ uncertain times.

  • Thank you so much! These truly help!❤️

  • Not music but just found 2020 Portrait Artist of the Year on Youtube, if you love Sewing Bee and Pottery throwdown this is for you.

  • Thank you, what a treasure trove of tears and joy

  • I’m with you Kay, sad songs are a comfort to me too. I think it’s because it helps me to not feel so alone; to know that others have these feelings of grief and loneliness too. Creates a connection. Thank you for sharing;)

  • The Pittsburgh Public Theater is offering plays on ZOOM Thursday and Friday nights at 7 pm EST. The first half of the play is Thursday and the second half on Friday. This week it was Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Ernest”. Website is

  • one of our midwestern treasures blues singer charlie parr did a live concert on his facebook wednesday night. It is still out on his FB, he is my favorite.

  • Mary Chapin Carpenter is singing with her guitar in her kitchen with her dog Angus on Instagram. And Chantal Kreviazuk is chatting and singing from home on Instagram as well, 4 p.m. Pacific Time, most days. Both are amazing and something to look forward to. My afternoon will be spent doing some stash diving for a new knit project. Could take awhile….. lol Be Safe Everyone, and Stay Home to flatten that curve.

  • I listen to WQXR online. (105.9 FM is you are in the metro NY area) If you love classical music this is the place to be.

  • People from near and far are painting their windows (mix one cup of flour, one cup of water and one cup of dish detergent), divide into containers and add food colouring. Could paint religious, Easter or neighbourhood messages. Stay safe everyone and stay home.

  • Boston Symphony Orchestra offering Listen At Home items each week:
    My favorite from a list of one-liners: “Now that we have everyone washing their hands correctly. Next Week: Turn signals”
    I was thinking today of how much easier we have it than those who dealt with the 1918 Flu–and those who do not have access to others electronically today. We may not have had masks and ventilators ready, but seem to be well-armed with humor and all kinds of offerings. Loved the Knit Stars program, am working on a “well-rested” project, will be an instant “vintage” item when it’s finally done.

  • HI Ann and Kay

    Just read a good article in the Harvard review titled the DISCOMFORT YOU ARE FEELING IS GRIEF. It is short and powerful.

    Music during this time: We just ask Alexa to play Pink Floyd because my husband loves them. I also ask Alexa to play rodrigo and gabriella . They are lovely guitarists.

  • My cousin is in the TSO–she’s their principal flautist–so I gotta give a special shout out to them! 🙂 I love all this music and art that people are sharing during this time.

  • Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah as sung by The Ten Tenors..
    or Andrea Bocelli & Tori Kelly- The Prayer

    and to balance this ecumenical selection( times are strange) Elton John & George Michael ‘Don’t let the sun shine down on me’(LiveAid,1985)
    be well & thank you for the lovely suggestions & posts

  • There is a Facebook group called Quarantine Karaoke where folks upload videos of themselves singing karaoke. It’s wonderful to see so many people sharing music from their homes.

  • All very soothing and wonderful. And then sometimes you just need to let it out and dance to Uptown Funk. Just saying. Hang in there everyone!!

  • What the world needs now …
    Students from Berklee College of Music.

    • THAT was amazing!!!

  • Puppets playing the cello. Clever and funny!

  • Hozier’s performance of The Parting Glass on the Late Late Show, dedicated to those we have lost, especially those in health care, is absolutely gutting, and hits exactly the right tone for now.

  • Jake Shimabukuro has done 2 concerts of amazing ukulele instrumentals:

    Susie on Sundays: Susan Werner has been doing both funny and touching singer-songwriter concerts every Sunday night:

    To quote Shawn Colvin, “If there were no music, than I would not get through.”

  • Hi
    I just finished reading Saturday Snippets… Coincidentally
    I was just listening to some music . Unfortunately lost my beautiful 28yr/old daughter 6 weeks ago. Something I would never wish on anyone. My solace has been knitting. A friend since 6th grade. I am 60 that’s a lot of rows… thanks for your yarn, tidbits of your lives & hope I just remembered/ listened to this lovely song. House At Pooh Corner Kenny Loggins/Amy Grant. Think we all could use a dose of Pooh & his gang about now. Be well -safe Jennie
    Leonard Cohen “ Hallelujah “

  • A new podcast from Phoebe Judge, one of the most soothing voices you’ll ever hear – Phoebe Reads a Mystery.
    Each day she reads one chapter of Agatha Christie’s first published novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles.
    I tend to listen to this as a chaser after listening to The Daily. It provides a healthy balance to grim news.
    Find joy where you can!

  • What depth of feeling is expressed in his playing. Thank you.