Introducing: Field Guide Subscriptions!

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
March 16, 2020

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  • Great idea! I’m all signed up!

  • I’m very interested; however, I have no more room for hard copies of books and magazines after downsizing. Is a digital only subscription possible?

    • Why not donate the hard copies to a senior center or some other knitting collective, where they can share and enjoy them?

    • I’m with you I would subscribe in a heart beat if there was digital only.

  • This sounds wonderful. I hope subscriptions for the UK and rest of the world will be available before too long. Your Field Guides are fab!

    • Hi Deborah–We’re working on it! Thank you so much for your interest–we appreciate it so much.

  • That gives me something fun to anticipate. Terrific!!

  • SQUEE. I am still bringing my hard copies to Rhinebeck for your autographs though. 😉

    • We are counting on it, Laura!

  • Hi, What a great idea. How about a digital subscription for those of us who love your field guides but do not live in the USA? Stay safe and healthy, take care of others.

    • We are working on it! You stay safe, too.

  • I just signed up. I love your field guides! They really have helped take my knitting to the next level!! Thank you!!

  • This is a wonderful idea, I wonder if there is a way we can look onto what the previous field guides have in them. I have 2 thus far ,from Knit Stars I knew what I was purchasing. IS there a way to get a feel on what each of the others contain?

    • You can find them all on ravelry and see the patterns. Probably also here if you search for each one.

    • Click on each title to see details and pictures of projects.

  • Hooray!

  • THANK YOU!!! Such a great idea!!!

  • I have several Field Guides and they are not in order. I have ….5,6,7,11,12…I know others must be the same. So if I order pre grouped sets I will end up with duplicates. Is there anyway for me to fill in ordering 3 at a time and finish my set and still get the 20% off? I will understand if this would not work but worth asking. Thank you for all the great knowledge.

  • I have bought several of the Field Guides but not in sequential order. Is there a way to “make your own” trio? Also echoing the request for a digital subscription. 🙂

  • Hey Ann,
    Thank you for your response. I was confused I am clear. Thanks, I didn’t realize subscription was for new 2020 field guides.
    Exciting. I love all MDK does.
    Thanks again, stay healthy.

  • Thank you!!!!!

  • Well, I would love to be on the honor roll. Plan on ordering my subscription soon. Very exciting!

  • The $60 price tag includes the 2020 field guides only? How many do you think you’ll be publishing for that price?

  • I wish you would offer an option for a digital subscription. I tend to lose small books and prefer to use my tablet for patterns when I can, so having a digital subscription would be better.

  • I’m a charter subscriber to the Field Guides – love them!
    Question – do I need to sign up for the 2021 guides, or will I automatically be charged for them?
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts,