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  • As a sweater knitter all I can say is WOW! These are gorgeous. Looking for a pattern to knit for a friend but the siren song of me, me, me, me is calling.

  • Never ever has a distraction been more welcome. Thank you!

  • So exciting. Shifting Sands is amazing. I love Norah Gaughan’s designs. But, I think I can get a project like In the Tweeds done. Also a beautiful design. So much to think about.

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Thank you!

  • Incredible designs! Wow! And absolutely Perfect timing this year! I’ve already “favorited “ several – and I’m still knitting from previous March Mayhems. Thank you!

  • This may be the only piece of my life that COVID-19 hasn’t affected! I’m going to spend this evening poring over the brackets — something to look forward to after a day that is going to be full of meetings with semi-freaked out people!

    • Only semi-freaked out! Consider yourself lucky….

  • I woke up with a song in my heart. It’s March Mayhem, Thank you!

  • Hope this goes through…Sometimes it doesn’t. OMG, you guys are awesome. So tickled that you love Ursa, as I bought it months ago when it was featured in a British knitting mag. The Snuggle is Real looks like something you would see in a movie. I really want to make that one! And Polarize might be within my skill level. The ABBA one is so fun and so cool!

  • MDK March Mayhem; Take Me Away.

  • Last yea, I saved a pdf and marked it up with my iPencil…. so fun! I’m looking forward to doing this again! Thanks for all the fun!

  • Wow, this diversion came at just the right time! I can spend more time looking and loving patterns than watching the news. I would have liked to see more shawls/wraps that aren’t triangles, not my favorite shape, but I love the beauty of the fabrics created! The downside is I keep adding to my Ravelry favorites, so many patterns so little time!

  • I’ve been looking forward to this. Last year is the first year I was really aware of it, and I went back and also bought patterns from previous years.
    It would be nice if you linked previous years’ brackets so they are easier to find for new fans.

  • I have favorites already in three categories but Head and Hands, WOW! They are all great. Impossible to choose.

  • Oh so fun! And what could be more enticing than Nell Ziroli’s Endeavor – knittable and wearable. Thanks MDK!

  • Great patterns and ideas. However… We all can’t wear the “cropped” look. I wish there were a few selections that would flatter us fuller figure girl;s.

  • Y’all are the best.

  • Glad to see some competition is still going on during the pandemic. Thanks for the bit of sanity.

  • You have done it again, ladies! Beautiful patterns I am lusting after already, and it is all the more welcome given the current unpleasantness. I am so glad knitting lowers stress. I plan to do quite a bit in the month(s?) ahead.

  • P.S. Until even small gatherings are banned, we should all be sure to visit our LYS and support small businesses we love.

  • Oops! You did it again!
    Wonderful choices. Thank you.

  • I fell in love with Polarize immediatel. Thank you for all the amazing patterns.

  • Dear MDK, the thought of looking at all these patterns has kept me going through a sad and anxious day. Thank you so much for all the work that goes into making this such a pleasure. Very grateful for this today.

  • Congrats MDK–yours will be the only March Madness happening! Thank god for virtual competition! 🙂

  • Thank you for this annual bracket and for your care in selecting these beautiful, knittable patterns! Such a welcome diversion from the news.

  • Yay! So exciting. I’ve been looking forward to this.

  • Hmmmm. Not one sweater for men. Only 2 male designers in the whole bunch. Frustrating.

    • I don’t like any of the sweater patterns this year

  • I will dip in and find inspiration all year-round, even just with the initial posting! Such variety. Soch colourwork. Lovely stuff. Mille et un bisous

  • ESPN and Sport Nut Radio are desperate for something to fill their slots. Make them aware of this. It’s brackets!!! They can then seek out sports figures/sports reporters/ coaches/and any team employees who knit/crochet and interview them, talk about their brackets, show off their projects and talk about how this craft helps them excel. They can talk about how they learned and who taught them.

  • Full disclosure: I am hopeless at choosing – I’ve tried in previous years, and just couldn’t do it. I like too many in each category! The good news is, I look at your March Mayhem event as an impeccably curated collection, where I can wander and admire at will, and find many, many patterns to add to my queue. And I LOVE that you boost the signal for designers this way – MDK is the BEST 🙂

  • This could not come at a better time.

  • I already had several of these in my Ravelry que. This is going to be fun with a lot of creative designs to win my vote. Spending the week contemplating so I can vote wisely. Good luck to all of the designers.

  • In Necks & Shoulders, the Retreat Shawl looks to be a free pattern. Is that a mistake?

    • Not a mistake; it was a paid pattern when we made the bracket. Today the designer made all her individually published patterns free as a gesture of solidarity and gratitude in these times.

  • I put the Wakairo Top in my Ravelry favourites only yesterday!