Where the Heart Is

By Kay Gardiner
March 8, 2020

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  • Thank you Ann for that amusing description of a show and those 2 giants of British TV that we love too! We are expat Brits on our way home to Canada from Vienna and sitting at the airport – knitting while waiting of course! (Well I am but my husband is a knitting widower!) I am now going to listen to that Kaffe Fassett interview I was saving for this moment.

  • Season 5 of Last Tango in Halifax started on 23rd February here in the UK, so we’ve seen 3 episodes and it’s been brilliant so far. The fourth and (I hate to write this) the last episode is on BBC1 tonight. There are several loose ends and I can’t believe they will all be tied up in one episode.

    • Oh no! I didn’t realise tonight’s was the last episode! Boo!!! Why do all the rubbish programmes go on forever, and the good ones only have four episides?

    • There is a new season of Last Tango in Halifax due to be released in the US sometime soon.

    • Oops sorry. Last episode next week. Still only 4 episodes though – far too short…

  • Is Call the Midwife on Britbox? It’s very good

    • It’s on Netflix! One of our favorite shows.

  • I love BritBox! I need something new to watch to encourage me to finish a last sleeve on a top down sweater on tiny needles. This sounds perfect.

  • Thanks I need a new show. I just finished Cold Feet, on britbox, loved it.

  • I’ve watched all of those series, and another good one is When Calls the Heart, about a Mountie and the settlers that have moved west with Lori Laughlin. it’s on Netflix.

  • This sounds like exactly the level of drama I am currently equipped to handle. Move over, Netflix. Thanks, Kay.

  • May I suggest another subscription that is fabulous to knit to…try Acorn. Australian production series like “Bed of Roses” and “The Heart Guy” are fabulous. They are as good as the British shows but more modern. I highly recommend them!

    • Thanks for the Acorn recommendations. I love Acorn and am always looking for more great shows.

  • Sounds perfect. I only have four more seasons of Vera to go.

  • Just thank you

  • I have just found your shop and blog. What inspiration! I’m a new knitter but long time fiber lover. Kaffe Fasset what a great show.Thank you. I’m hooked.

    • Happy Pi Day and welcome to the mob! I’ve been having a lot of fun since finding MDK, everyone is so friendly. It’s really pushed my knitting horizons. They’ve seen me through cables and two sweaters so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  • Pam Ferris is Laura Thyme in the entertaining mystery series Rosemary and Thyme, also on Britbox. Give it a try!

  • I got rid of my TV years ago. I discovered Brit-Box by accident and I love the programs. I am so glad that you have mentioned it to share with others.
    Many Thanks

  • I was just looking for a new show to use my Christmas Britbox subscription. Did everyone get Britbox this year with the sale? I got it to finish Shetland .

    Another great show is Ballykissangel. It does have sad moments but mostly it is life and funny. Of course we love it also because one of the main characters is a young 30thirty something Roman Catholic priest and my husband is a clergy person in a small suburban town, so the church life stuff both resonants and makes us laugh. Americans don’t do clergy well but the Brits do.

  • Thanks for this recommendation! Have been watching almost nightly…love it. What is it about British shows?