At the Museum with Kaffe

By Ann Shayne
March 1, 2020

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  • Thank you for sharing this Ann! I recently read his autobiography (as recommended by MDK, thanks again] and it is so wonderful to hear his gentle voice, rejoicing about the glories of colour.

    • He oozes with talent and inspiration!

  • This is fabulous to watch! Thank you

    • Oh my goodness! A great start to my Sunday. Part way through there is a glimpse of a hanging on the wall that is nested spiral shells that is beyond words! I’m wondering if that is knit or needlepoint (and where the pattern is). I have a few Kaffe books but it think I need a few more….

  • Brilliant. Just brilliant! I was so pleasantly surprised at how unassuming he is.

  • Darn! I was going to be in Scotland this summer and already planning how I could hit Aberdeen!

  • I was fortunate to see a predecessor to this exhibition in East London in spring 2013. It was just amazing to be in the presence of these textiles. What a glorious experience!

  • Spectacular!


  • Thank you! What a wonderful way to start my day, he is so reassuring and amazing.

  • What a refreshing presentation – full of imagination and fearless ways to bring nature into beautiful handwork. Thank you for this offering.

  • No closed captions so I (and many hearing impaired) can’t follow :o(

  • Isn’t he so wonderful and inspiring!

  • I’m definitely planning a road trip to Monterey Museum of Art this spring/summer! The exhibition will run from May through September, with a slide show, talk and book signing in May. Very exciting.

  • Kaffe…I.LOVE.HIS.WORK!!!!!

  • Sunday morning drinking coffee in my sunroom (sewing room) while watching Kaffee. It’s glorious color to be sure and truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing

  • Ladies, could you consider doing an article on crocheting? I have a daughter-in-law who is somewhat new in this area and would like to provide her with exposure to the talents and experience of your group. Thank you for your time. Ron G.

  • How inspirational! Does anyone know if Rowan Felted Tweed is suitable for baby items? I would just love to play with those colors!

  • Oh, what a treat! I am now itching to go and paint a vase. Must finish my KF needlepoint, first.

  • That was fabulous, thank you! I’ve been to several Kaffe Fassett exhibitions over the years, and have heard him speak three times. This video was like re-visiting the exhibitions. Marvelous!!

  • This is wonderful. I’ve heard it many times, but every time he says, “I learned to knit on the train on the way back home” it takes my breath away! if ever there was a reason to just jump in with both feet, try what you want, this is it. Love that Kaffe.

  • Back in 1984, Irene Preston Miller, owner of the Knitty Knoddy Yarn Shop in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, invited Kaffe to come and teach colorwork and knitting for the weekend. I had the opportunity to take the workshop and when Kaffe opened his trunk show bags full of his sweaters for us to exam, try on, admire, it was amazing. Was anyone else there as well?

  • Oh, Kaffe, I owe you so much. Color color color.

  • An inspiration!

  • Oh, WOW!!! Makes my Ravelry project page bland and seriously short! Such a beautiful collection of work, and I am also not a fan of “Brillo “ pad quilting. Kaffe has made me look at my knitting and quilting with renewed enthusiasm.

  • …and i was there! For a whole weekend, with his talk, Brandon‘s ypersian Poppies workshop. And I didn’t get ticket for the tour with the master himself, anymore just turned up anyway, someone had dropped out, I got in, and I am in the video ( the one with dark red hair and glasses I.e.10.32 to his left and 13.30 in Front of the quilt!)! Had totally forgotten how amazing it was! it was like meeting old friends, all those jumpers and cardigans, some of which I had knitted myself (Kilim, for example) or admired for ages.. a highlight of my knitting life. I tiold him, that he had changed my knitting life, and it’s true!

  • Wonderful! Thank you for passing this on!

  • Thank you, just a great splash of warmth and light for a grey March day.

  • Kaffe…… One of my favorite artists. Thank you for putting this great video up here. If EVER Kaffe’s work comes to our museum I will be sure to make it there. My wish list.

  • So inspiring! Thank you for sharing

  • Just an everyday person with enormous talent. As I suspected all along, he is a color junkie with an analytical, mathematical inclination. So he can picture something in his mind and then make it. I have tried but never come up with anything nearly as spectacular as his designs.

    And to hear him say that they are working on patterns with flowers has me waiting in great anticipation. Visions of cabbage roses, hydrangea, poppies, peonies, and wildflowers galore. I can’t wait to see what comes next!!

  • I read this article last week and lo and behold! what should the weekend supplement of the FT have but a feature on our beloved Kaffe in their Aesthete column! Here’s the article for all his fangirls and boys: