James Taylor’s Break Shot

By Kay Gardiner
February 29, 2020

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  • Well I never would have guessed you were over sixty! Maybe it’s something to do with counting in imperial, I think in metric you are probably fifty, what with multiplying by ten instead of twelve.

  • I, too, am visiting with family this weekend, celebrating my “baby” brother’s 60th birthday, and it IS very strange to think of him as “so old”. How can this be when I feel so much younger!
    As a bonus, we also get to celebrate mom’s 87th tomorrow. Wonderful to get together for joyous occasions.

  • Wait ’til your baby brother turns 70–that’s really wierd!

  • I’ve been wanting to listen to this already, but nobody told me it had “Jerusalem” in it! That’s my fave hymn! Now I REALLY have to hear it!! I ❤️ James Taylor!

  • Agree! -I hope these autobio audios with music are going to become a trend. Did you listen to Patty Smith’s?

    • I will! It’s the perfect knitting companion.

  • Grew up listening to James Taylor. Love him.

  • I loved listening to Breakshot. I must say that I cried more than once.

  • James Taylor’s latest “album” dropped yesterday, and it, too, is well-worth a listen. Especially for those of us old enough to have grown up on “the standards.”

  • I have you beat as I became 67 on 2/19. Mudslide Slim got me through my first year in college and remains my favorite James Taylor album. Last weekend, NPR had an interview with James and I have listened to the podcast with some sadness.
    Thanks for bringing it to the attention of others

  • Love JT! Your recommendations are almost always spot on for me.
    I am especially enjoying pbs’s ‘Now Hear This’ series that you mentioned recently.

  • He just wanted to do what his brother was doing to pass time!

    • I’m a identical twin 2 mins. older I possibly saw one of your brothers USF1970’s on a piano singlural in a small class room was satisfied!

  • Thanks for this. Hadn’t realized it was more than an album. I can’t imagine my teen years w/o him. The rest I can imagine, but it wouldn’t have been as good.

  • Looking for my safe zone….events are overwhelming….Some days things can hit you right between the eyes….but you have to find the strength to go on.