Behind the Designs: Alejandra Alonso Rojas

February 26, 2020

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  • Whow – this is fascinating ! How great to read of knit and crochet as high fashion, love it !

  • Riveting. Love the story, love the knits!

  • This is great! I would love to read more of her essays! The pictures were awesome as well

  • That dress!! And the traveling cable sweater!! What brilliance- stitching the cables on after so you can place them however you want.

  • Samantha, there’s so much to love in this piece. Thank you for letting us be a fly on the wall for your experience—such a cool collaboration.

  • Beautiful knit and crochet, and so interesting to learn about the process, but can I add – I want that donkey!!

  • What a lovely post to start my morning! Thanks for the glimpse into your world!

  • My admiration is boundless, as is my delight while reading this article. The amazing effort and beautiful results are a feast for the eyes and heart. Thank you so much for sharing this jewel with us.

  • WOW – that dress! And yes, all the rest, too.

  • Very cool article — thank you!

  • Super fascinating read! I murdered my eggs – totally forgot about them. Note to self, no reading MDK while cooking!

  • As an avid Project Runway watcher, I’m surprised and pleased to know there’s such a thing from CFDA for knitters as well–I wish they would televise that! That leather dress—wow. You are very brave, and thanks for letting us in on the lessons you learned along your journey.

  • What an awesome article. Loved it.

  • Shared this article with my 15yo daughter who is currently working on making her prom dress for her gcse tech project and is applying to do textiles and fashion at college in September. I just showed her the other day how you can stab holes in fabric and crochet pieces together. That dress demonstrates it so much better than I did with my bit of scrap fabric and random yarn. Thanks for the inspiring post Samantha!

  • Hi Sandra! Awesome article. Your article had so much positive energy!!! As the others have already said, thanks for showing us a bit of your world of high fashion. And elderly millennial — love that one.

  • Knit the cables separately just blew my mind. The world opens UP.

  • I really liked this article, it was a little different from MDK’s usual fare but its great to have a fresh voice occasionally.