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  • I love March Madness!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • the link for the 2017 bracket goes to 2018 too!
    can’t wait for the new bracket!

    • The links are actually to 2019 and 2018. I think this Madness didn’t start until 2018. Such fun to look back at all those great patterns!

    • Sorry for the confusion, Ben! Each year’s competition features patterns published in the previous year–so Mayhem 2019 features patterns from 2018, and Mayhem 2018 features patterns from 2017.

      • I appreciate all the work you put into this. I remember Ravelry bundles for past brackets, and haven’t been able to find them. Any ideas how to find them again? Thank you!

  • Mdk March Madness is such fun. I love being exposed to designers and patterns that are new to me. I love talking about it when others start talking about basketball. In most gatherings there will be someone who eagerly joins the conversation.

  • What would be helpful would be an indication of difficulty for the patterns in the headings!

    • If you click on an entry, then click “view on Ravelry,” it takes you to the pattern page on Ravelry which includes an average difficulty rating by the knitters who have made it.

    • Where are you today, Ann and Kay? It is Feb. 25 and we miss you!

  • How did I miss the call for patterns??? I would like to recommend Enchanted Forest by Knits with Chocolate. I tried to paste the link, but it won’t paste:(. It’s on Ravelry. The one that enthralled me is the blue one with winter white leaves, knit in Rowan Felted Tweed. Just the name draws me in! Thanks:)

    • That is a beautiful pattern with such interesting variations too! Thank you for mentioning it. I too like the blue and white version. It is…enchanting. : )

  • I’m new to this! How does it work? FYI I had no idea but, I made Humulus in 2018!

    • Basically, it’s a contest like basketball’s March Madness, where we readers vote on which pattern(s) “win” each round. So for round 1, we’ll get to vote for which 32 patterns should advance to round 2. Then we’ll get to vote which 16 advance to round 3, and so on. It’s a great way to get exposure for lots of cool patterns published the year before.

      • Thank you! What fun!

        • so are we picking the pattern we like the best or the one we plan to make (that could be the same or different)

  • March Madness—my favorite!

  • I love this event. Last year I enjoyed all of the entries. I spent the rest of the year making my favorites! Cannot wait! Thanks MDK for doing this and ALL you do for our knitting community!

  • I, too, love March Madness! This year I plan to pick a favorite design (or two!) and order the yarn for it from MDK. I’m working through stash, but It is worth breaking my yarn diet to support Kay and Ann for giving me something I enjoy so much. Thank you MDK!

    • What a great idea! I’m on a serious yarn diet, too, but March Madness has alerted me to so many great patterns, many of which become FO’s. If I get yarn for a March Madness pattern from MDK, just to show support & appreciation to such great pattern curators & all around fun people, that isn’t breaking my diet, right?

  • Went to an event recently where one of the participants wore a cozy dark sweater during the day and upped her look with a similar garment in a glowing red at night. Made me want the same! Then I clicked on your bracket for 2017 and Veronika jumped out at me. It is a lot of knitting but with so many FO’s it might be the perfect answer. Thanks for the reminder of great suggestions from the recent past.

  • Wheee! I can hardly wait. And thank you for posting the link for the 2017 patterns. I especially loved those and couldn’t figure out how to retrieve them.

  • Cd u do a class on figuring put YOUR GAUGE

  • Eagerly waiting for MDKMM to commence! I love looking at all the patterns, marveling at how many of them are already in my cart, or my queue (or both) or even my FOs, and I also like the idea that Indie designers get additional exposure from this process. I always try to pick up at least one new pattern from your brackets.