Now Hear This (Vivaldi)

By Kay Gardiner
February 15, 2020

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  • This sounds fascinating Ann. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will definitely watch it later.

    • Oops, sorry Kay!

  • This sounds amazing, I’m planning to listen. Thank you!

  • This is magnificent! Thank you, Kay!!

  • I love Vilvadi! I must check out this episode.

  • My mother in law descrubed Bach’s music as knitting! I agree – Vivaldi and all Baroque music too. Isn’t it amazing that we still have it? Thank you for this Satueday morning insight.

  • exquisite brought me to tears…

  • Yoo’s wife Alice K. Dade is a phenomenal flutist who performs in this series.

  • Love this! Music and history and travel and even food! Looking forward to watching the other episodes.

  • That’s my favorite composer. I love Passport. You never know what you will find.

  • Wonderful, treasures….this music touches me, too.

  • Balm to soothe the soul.

  • I love Vivaldi and Bach! Can’t wait to check this out! Thank you!

  • There is a somewhat similar story of how Pablo Casals discovered a copy of the Bach cello suites in a music shop (the originals do not exist) and worked to bring them to the public’s attention:

  • Always lovely sound ideas. Have you listened to theMILK CARTON KIDS sing with sara baraleis? and chris thieve? SO so lovely and caring

  • darn auto correct:
    Chris T h i l e and Milk Carton kids with Sara B.

  • I love PBS Passport but was not aware of this program. Thanks

  • Vivaldi is fabulous! In my list of knit-to music also have Bach, Brahms, and Handel. Thanks for sharing this. I will watch it.

  • ooh that was so wonderful, thank you for suggesting, I never would have found it without you.

  • I loved this podcast about Stradivarius violins. You might like it too.

  • This was such a treat to watch! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • I love Mendelssohn and I’m so excited to see Mendelssohn included especially, The “Scottish” Symphony. I’ve loved Classical music all my life as well as playing the piano when I’m not knitting or reading, etc. Great music can inspire us all. We need music more than ever today.

    • That was FANTASTIC!!! Thank you!!!

  • Enjoyed this series when I found it last year – all except, admittedly, Scarletti. But thoroughly enjoyed Vivaldi!