Dreaming in Color: An Autobiography

January 29, 2020

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  • His enthusiasm is palpable. I have read that wonderful book and have been a Kaffe Addict for the last thirty years or so. Los on all hi books.

    • Meant to say, Also own all his books. Darn autocorrect.

  • Not sure, if my first introduction to Kaffe was through his needlepoint book, or a knitting book. I remember when Vogue knitting magazine celebrated him on his 50th birthday, and I was thrilled to see him lecture at Marymount College quite a number of years ago. Thanks for this post today.

  • I’ve never seen the “wrong side” off his work (and I’ve looked!) If you find any, could you post it too?

  • I’m in awe.

  • I love, love love this book! Also got to go to Nepenthe and being there in his childhood home with that amazing scenery was wonderful.

  • I’d love to find the pattern for the crosses shown. It would make a great throw.

  • My best friend called me last year and said that she had seen the most incredible book. It was Glorious Colours and since I had my copy from 1984 and she is my best friend, I sent it to her. Friends !