Amazing Grace

By Kay Gardiner
January 26, 2020

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  • I had no idea when I stumbled/landed into this website (curplat!*) that I was being led to my soul sisters in kind. This day, this documentary, this time; there are no coincidences. Thank you, Thank you.

  • Thank yoy!

  • GRACEed to have seen it, heard it, and renewed in that GRACE through your note! What days they were!

  • I am a fan of Aretha Franklin and always have been and always will be, but I did not know about this documentary. i do not watch TV match or watch movies which is the reason I am sure. I appreciate all the books and videos suggestions. Thank you very much.

  • Wow!!! The trailer alone is uplifting and electrifying. There was no one like Aretha, gone from us all too soon. Thank you for bringing this to us.

  • Her voice has always touched me and thank you for bringing this to our attention

  • Adore! Adoration! Amazing! Even though there’s barely dialogue, the characters of the music director, the choir director, and others are intriguing right along with Aretha’s singing.

  • I love this documentary so much! I watched it on the plane last summer! It is definitely a gem!!! Thank you!

  • An incredible film. Seeing it in the theater was great, but I”m sure it would be equally moving on TV.

  • I agree with Sarah (and all others) below. I was about ready to blast out of high school into the wide world in ’72. So many lessons learned since then! In this blog and commenters I feel like I have found a thoughtful, joyful tribe… like the music from this iconic artist, showcased in the film. But, how in the HECK do you knit to it? I had to put down the knitting and just watch! Lol!