Lazy Sunday: Marriage Story

By Kay Gardiner
December 15, 2019
The weather outside is frightful, but movies and online shopping are delightful.

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  • My husband is just getting over that Contagion That Is So Much More Than a Common Cold. His son brought it to him at Thanksgiving—the gift that keeps on giving. Just exactly what is your lemon/ginger/honey cure-all brew?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I have a sick child who has both semester exams and Nutcracker tech week this week so she needs to power through (the doctor swears she is not contagious). Any “cannot hurt and might make her feel better” ideas are welcome.

      • I brew up a giant mug of Sleepytime tea and grate a nub of raw ginger into the cup, then add a lot of lemon juice and honey. If nothing else it feels like I am doing something!

        • When I was sick my mother always gave me “hot lemonade”—just lemon juice, sugar, and hot water, and I think that’s why this brew feels good to me

        • I like that same elixern with an added shot of bourbon. If nothing else it makes sleep easier! ( and stupid tv more palatable, if stupid TV when ill is your jam))

  • My husband and I watched this yesterday. The most depressing movie and not one to watch to “feel good”.

    • I agree Connie. They can act, but a depressing movie overall. And I got their points, but the view of marriage & divorce was certainly from a Hollywood perspective.

      • What seemed Hollywood about it to you? I’m still mulling it over.

        • Sort of reminded me that old Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep movie that came out in the 70’s.

  • I watched this last night!
    There is a tiny bit of knitting going on in the beginning, btw, and I nearly sent you a text, Kay, but it was rather late.
    It has all the feelings and I will watch it again just to see a few parts of it all over again. No spoilers.

  • Yes do tell what is in your magic elixir, please

    • See above for the super simple recipe.

  • So much more to this movie than the depressing subject of divorce. No spoilers, but who can resist the pleasure of seeing Julie Haggerty, Ray Liotta, Alan Alda and Laura Dern in supporting roles?

    • 3 of the 4 ppl you mentioned I avoid in movies so will not be watching this one.

    • Just from the trailer I am dying to see Ray Liotta’s appearance as a divorce lawyer.

    • I totally agree! The supporting cast is also outstanding. I watched it last weekend and really enjoyed the flick… maybe it was the rawness of Driver’s pain. Just very well done movie.

  • I watched a few days ago, and it was the best movie I’ve seen in a loooooong time!
    If you like thoughtful, layered, nuanced with metaphors, introspective, talky movies, which I do. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, especially at the holidays, but the acting will blow you away! Familiarise yourself with Stephen Sondheim’s Company before watching if you don’t know it… anyway, I loved it and I’m watching it again as soon as I can be alone for two and a half hours! Mwah!

  • This movie makes me happy that I was poor when I got divorced!

  • This time of year, I like You’ve got mail or Love Actually, Home Alone. Harry met Sally. All have Christmas trees and singing , etc.
    I love the reruns of the Great British baking show. I dont need a divorce movie, I had my own. Unless, it’s a comedy like Its Complicated. That was a riot!

  • No thank you to the movie.

  • i have this contagion now. UGHHHHH I was so weak on Monday I couldn’t even knit! I have seen the movie and love, love, loved it. I could relate on many levels having been through a divorce many years ago.

    • Not a feel-good movie, but it shows the complex feelings and actions that can make a marriage fall apart. So many missed opportunities to turn things around, though—ever hear of mediation, people?