Dana’s Edit: Lady Sweaters

November 27, 2019

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  • Dana, I love your posts every time. Your knitting is so inspiring and your smile brightens up this dark November morning here in Maine. Many thanks!

    • What she said!!!

    • Ditto!!!

      • Ditto too!

  • Oh, those are so nice! You’re absolutely right, sometimes a nice retro stylish ladylike sweater is a needed contrast to pullovers and cardis, as much as we like those. I’m currently on a Fibre Company/ Kate Davies kick (Myrtle or Oran do Chaora, anyone?), but several of these may go onto my list.

  • These are stunning! I always look forward to your posts.

  • These are beautiful! Any chance for a men’s set as well?

  • Love your posts, and go back to look at your choices often. Today, it’s the ballerina sweater! Thank you.

  • Thank you for introducing me via your email to Dana Williams-Johnson. I love her posts and love her newsletter. Happy Holidays to all of you at MDK.

  • Thank you Dana. These are beautiful. Again, thanks for taking the time to write this. I know you are extremely busy right now.

  • Love the first two. The neckline of the 3rd and the hem of the 4th. Red or a sophisticated shade of pink would be my choices for color because they can be both dressy and casual. But knowing you, Dana, you will come up with something unexpected and marvelous.

  • Ooh, Pont Neuf in some gorgeous Thing For String DK I have in red. I have been looking for a suitable pattern to show off this beautiful tonal yarn. I may have to drop my Christmas knitting (sorry girlfriends!) and cast this on?

  • Oof! I need to make all of these, IMMEDIATELY! Thanks for the awesome rec’s Dana!

  • Beautiful sweaters! Thanks Dana!