Yarn Detective: Wonderful Winterburn

November 25, 2019

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  • Ive been spinning Masham for several years and I love it. I also like BFL, but have gotten to love the unknown breeds. One of my other favorites to spin and dye was Portugese Merino. It had more body than our Merino, but is now hard to find.

  • any pattern recommendations???

  • You have written a poem to a yarn—-thank you, Jillian!

  • Another wonderful article by Jillian! I have been eyeing Winterburn Aran for quite some time. The way Jillian describes it makes me shiver with delight!

  • What needles are used and yard?

    • The label calls for a US 7 or 8, but of course that will depend on the gauge you’re aiming for.

  • Are you saying it will be a stiffer, less drapey fabric?

    • I don’t think she’s saying that: “The drape gives it a pleasing heft and just a bit of a sway. It gives a garment more charisma.” Having seen the photography sample of Hadley in this yarn, I can say that it’s soft and drapey.

  • Ahhh, you had me at “won’t pill as much”!

  • Hi Jillian. My name is Suzanne, and I have been involved with needle arts and crafts since I was 5 yo. For the past few years I have become more interested in the creation of yarn and making pieces with the yarn. Your article on Google is so informative and exciting to read. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Hi Folks, I really enjoy info like this! Can anyone comment on row count of these two yarns?

  • I only knit sweaters, so it’s important to me to know the cost or approximate cost of a skein. Do you have that information?

  • My Hadley using Shelter was my first color work sweater. I was, and am, so happy with the result. I was thrilled to get gauge but when I blocked my sweater the yarn grew. Valuable lesson here…. block your gauge square!! My sweater is now a bit bigger! I’ve seen online that Shelter yarn is known to grow a bit. What causes some yarns to grow this way? Will Winterburn also grow when blocked?

    • Hi Val,
      Yes, most animal fiber yarns will grow a bit when wet-blocked. Each one is a little different. Superwash yarns grow a ton when wet blocked, non-superwash yarns less so. The only way to know how much it grows is to treat your gauge swatch the same way you plan to treat your sweater, and then measure your gauge.

      • Thank you. Happy thanksgiving!