Knit to This: Music to Calm the Soul

By Ann Shayne
November 16, 2019

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  • That music is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  • I learn amazing new things here. Many, many thanks!

  • Music always gives me an emotional response. Back in the day when I was given my first Walkman, the sound of music changed forever. The worst day of my life was when The Denver Symphony Orchestra played Fanfare For The Common Man at the service for my wonderful father-in-law. The largest Cathedral in Denver was filled and people were standing outside. Jim was 62 years old and much loved.

  • Your music posts are always my favorites.

  • This is beautiful music…thanks for telling me about it.

  • Just perfect…deb

  • That’s sounds interesting. I will look him up and see if I can find that recording.

    I am personally knitting along to Bob Ross Season 12 of the Joy of Painting. His voice is soothing, and it’s nice to glance up and see the beautiful art he is creating. There is something about both of us working on our craft at the same time that really focuses me in my work.

  • Incredible music! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Brings back beautiful memories when my sister and I played in the youth symphonic orchestra during our high school days and the University orchestra when we were in college!

  • Beautiful¡ Just what I need to get my stitches to fly

  • The music is just beautiful. With the hustle and bustle in today’s living, it’s wonderful to stop and relax with knitting and music. Thank you for sharing. Keep clicking.

  • I felt a bit like “flight of the bumble bee” in the beginning then totally changed. Thanks for sharing

  • I loved this. It brings the outside, inside.

  • This is so beautiful, thanks Ann. Bonus prize: dogs waking up from a sound sleep on instance Bird Alert.

  • I’ve been fortunate enough to perform the Cantus Arcticus. Fantastic work!

  • The music is awesomest

  • Thanks so much for posting the music. Just as I’m learning new knitting techniques I’m getting introduced to new music! Really appreciate all the work!

  • Love the bird music…..flight..deb