Making a Life: Happy Publication Day!

By Kay Gardiner
October 30, 2019

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  • Picked up this book at local bookstore last week. It is amazing. This book should be in everyone’s collection. A must buy!

  • Any book Melanie has a hand in making is always a beauty, literally and spiritually…

  • As I was reading this post, I became aware of the times when I’m knitting when I can feel the satisfaction of both hands working together. At those times I feel a deep gratitude that both sides of my brain are healthy and working together. Right side / left side, both sides of the body uniting. When I have been away from knitting for a while and feel the craving for it I can actually feel it in my hands wanting to work together.

    Sometimes it is like a prayer and a meditation.

  • I preordered from Amazon when I first heard about this book, so Making a Life arrived yesterday. It is so beautiful! I want to take it in all at once, but I also want to meet her makers slowly, one or two at a sitting.
    Between Making a Life and Clara Parkes’ Vanishing Fleece, October has been an amazing month for books!

    • Right? We deserve this!

  • Huge congrats to Melanie on a BEAUTIFUL book. Can’t wait to read and page through the gorgeousness.

  • I am SO looking forward to Making a Life! I am a later arrival to the Melanie Falick appreciation society, which for me happened after I read Handknit Holidays. Though many of the projects in it were beyond my skill level as a new knitter, I still loved the beautiful book, and have made it one of my holiday traditions, returning to it every December. One project that WAS within my skill level at the time was the Elf Cap, made from Jumbo wool, which turned out great. It was one of the first hats I ever made, and I still wear it happily during the Winter Holiday months! (I love how whimsical and easy it is. I have made at least 3 other hats using the pattern and will doubtless make more.) Making a Life is definitely going on my wish list for this Christmas

    • I love your description – it’s a special treat when we can come back to a book again and again, able to enjoy a new element 🙂

  • yeah…..she’s coming to Asheville ….celebrate

    • Colleen, So glad you’re excited about my event in Asheville. Can you do me a favor and help spread the word?

      • loudly, gladly

        • Thank you. See you soon.

      • Can we lure you inland? When are you coming to Chicago?

        • Would love to see you in Chicago. For right now the publisher has only agreed to a few cities, but maybe they will reconsider. Fingers crossed.

  • Congratulations to Melanie on what promises to be another richly beautiful and meaningful book experience for people at every stage in their own “making a life” journey. I had recommended this book for acquisition at my library only to discover they already have it listed!

  • Many times when I am knitting, I am able to think over and solve some complex issues with work and life that have nothing to do with knitting. The crafting process seems to stimulate a cognitive process for me, this is truly a great reward.

  • So lovely to see Renate Hiller included. She is a very special women.

  • Instructed my husband that this book will be one of my Christmas gifts! How about stopping by the Midwest?? St. Louis has makers too!! (Left Bank Books is a great place to make an appearance!)

    • Would love to.

  • I have been a fan of Melanie’s work since Knitting In America (purchased when I didn’t even knit!). Since then I have purchased every book I came across that she had a hand in. I will purchase this one too, and not leave it to the vagaries of my Christmas list buyers. Today I made a pie, knitted, and cross stitched. There is a quilted wall hanging in progress.

    Melanie’s work seems to speak to me in a way few others do. Grateful thanks to her for sharing her talents with all of us. Jean

  • I am so excited that you’ll be coming to my neck of the woods (Hudson), and I’ve reserved my ticket. Can’t wait to see you!

  • My copy just arrived from MDK and I’ve been reading it all day. It has already helped me understand why I spend time growing vegetable gardens as pretty as they are productive, how caring for chickens adds fresh eggs and “lends rhythm and meaning to my days,” how chopping and cooking vegetables connects the food I grow to my ancestors whose recipes I recreate, and how my mother’s needlepoints “hold the power of a moment of quiet attention.” I look forward to seeing where this beautiful book takes me and to meeting Melanie in Nashville in December.