Ask Patty: The Finish Line

October 28, 2019

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  • Thank you for your lovely sense of humour in commenting on problems which affect all of us at some stage!

  • The seaming trick is magic! How ha. I missed this after so many years of knitting??

  • I always learn something new when I read one of Patty’s columns, and I love her easy reassuring style of writing. When I pick up stitches, I use pearl headed pins as my guides – I divide in half, then into fourths and then eighths, etc to make sure I pick up evenly.

  • Thank you for your delightful responses! So helpful, and also so much fun to read.

  • I’ve been knitting for 30 years and that “splitting the purl bumps” thing never occurred to me!! Now I’m going to do it on all my non-wool seaming! Thank you, Patty!!!

    • There is no reason not to do it on your wool seaming as well.

  • Wow, just wow! This came on a day when I needed two tidbits of advice. Thanks very much!

  • Your column is pure gold!

  • How do I put my photo on the lounge ….I have 2 photos of my sweater for the contest…thank you

    • Hi Mary Ellen,

      Go to the Lounge topic that you want to post to, then hit the reply button which brings up the screen to leave a comment. At the top of that box there are symbols, you will see one that looks like a little photograph, click on it and it opens up a box where you can upload your image.

      Hope that helps.

  • Patty-I meant to respond yesterday. Thanks very much for this. Your advice and instruction are priceless.

  • OMG! All these years I’ve been sewing the hanging piece after seaming to make it look even. What a brilliant solution! Your knowledge of the why things do what they do is astounding. Thank you, Patty!