Knit to This: Blood

By Kay Gardiner
October 26, 2019

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  • That dress!!!! I’m in awe. And I’ll be getting the book today.

  • What an amazing woman. To rebuild your life after such an event would be such hard work – I can’t imagine. I hope the book and album helped her heal, and they will be so good for the rest of us to read and hear. And that Alabama Chanin dress! Allison is so gifted!

  • I am also awaiting my copy of Blood! What a lovely post about your friend. That dress is off the chart!!

  • This was a beautiful review, Kay. Thanks for “plugging” your multi talented sewing circle sister.
    As a fan of both Allison and Shelby, I had been aware of this dark defining moment in their past and marveled at how resilient they seemed and how they’d both gone on to create successful careers in music. I am looking forward to getting to know them better through this memoir.

  • Just…wow.

  • I listened to the song and am instantly in awe of in awe of her…must read her memoir! Usually wind up feeling grateful…

  • Sounds like a must read. And wow, that dress.

    • That’s an Alabama Chainin dress. Gorgeous.

  • What a lovely review and tribute to your good friend. I’m looking forward to reading the book to get to know, even on a small level, this beautiful and talented and talented woman. And That Dress!

  • Looking forward to the audiobook. She’ll be at the greatest book store on the planet, Parnassus in Nashville, on November 2.

  • Wow, you have some interesting friends. I was just at Strand while on a visit to my oldest. I think I need this book.

  • Triple Threat! Gah! Looking forward to reading or listening to the book.

  • OMG – is that an Alabama Chanin-style dress? It looks amazing!!!!