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  • I wil be in the Revolution team and the sock team. My youngest son needs an Ironworks beret and both my sons need socks

  • I’m joining the sock team……..I hope it’s ok to gift myself, because I’m the only sockknitworthy (is that a word?) member of my family! I’ll also be knitting other gifts, so we’ll see which team categories I will fall into.
    Thanks ladies! As always you are too much fun!

    • Yaaaay! Welcome to Team Sock! I totally jumped the start with a Hedgehog in a riotous shade of every color under the sun. Will be posting my progress on Instagram.

      • I’m in—liking some of the hats and mitts. So far uncommitted on team.

  • I’m planning some gift knitting that are not MDK patterns. I shouldn’t post them in the Lounge, right? Unless it’s under the topic “What I’m Making”?

  • Team Socks, here goes!
    The giftees all want comfort and neutral. I’m thinking sparkle for fun!

  • Team Merrymaking! I still have the yarn I bought last year to make the hats from this booklet!

    • Team Merrymaking for me! Going to try each of the patterns in this booklet…at least once 🙂

  • Hey Ann!! Okay if I gift a washcloth made from a sock pattern??? This gift giving KAL sounds like a ton of fun. I am currently knitting a cowl, well maybe better to call it a neck warmer, for my baby bro who is moving to North Dakota, too. Gonna use some of the wool I received at the Shakerag get together. I’ve already made two Big Joy cowls and this one is a knock off of my own creation, so not fair to enter to win, but I can show what I am doing. Enjoy!!

    • Yes of course!

    • I’m a newbie to this newsletter and to knitting. How can I look at patterns before committing to a team? Team sock will not be it as knitting on toothpicks is way advanced for me. Tee hee…

      • You can’t see the full patterns without buying the field guides, but if you go on Ravelry you can check the individual patterns’ pages and see what looks like something you’d like to knit and gift.

        Knitting socks is very doable for a beginner as long as you can follow directions— socks were my 4th knitting project ever, after a couple hats and a scarf. But if you’re leery of small needles, it sounds like Team Big would be perfect for you!

        • Megan, thank you for the reply and the encouragement. I check in here every Saturday and just saw this! I just put Big Joy in my cart and am looking at yarn!! Thank you. This is a fabulous community.

  • I’ve joined Team Big, but I may be seen on Team Merry Making at some point. I love all of the hats in that book! I’m also tempted to do an X-factor Cowl and Ironworks Beret as a free agent. (Yes, I’m already way over-committed.)

  • Can we hashtag REVOLUTION and other Field Guides?

  • I am definitely going to join the sock team, and knit myself some socks. I’ve knit them for everyone else, it’s now my turn! 🙂

  • Can the project be inspired by a MDK Field Guide, or must it follow the pattern? I am The Worst at not following the directions. Or, as I prefer to think, The Best at not doing what I’m told.