Dana’s Edit: It’s in the Details

October 16, 2019

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  • Dana, love your choices. Love you and Jellybean.

  • I always look forward to seeing Dana’s choices — what an eye she has! And I always enjoy meandering through the projects for the patterns she picks. I’m a color person, not a cable person, but this time, it’s Cebada that really grabs me.

  • so my favourites list just got longer by 3….thank you, a pleasure to read you as always

  • What interesting sweaters! I hadn’t seen any of them before. Thank you!

  • Yes to Cebada in hot pink! Yes, yes, yes!

  • As always, after reading about your picks, 2 or 3 more sweaters get added to my queue! Love your Rhinebeck sweater, by the way.

    • Oh, and my queue? 183 sweaters including two from this post!

  • Dana’s choices never fail to inspire me. My cue just keeps growing!

  • Dana, have you seen the Natsumi pattern? Sideways construction, cable across the chest. A fun knit!

    • WOW: love Natsumi……but I LOVE all of these sweaters, so I’d better get offline and pick up my needles!
      Thank you both for all of the wonderful ideas!

  • And now I want to knit a sweater, or two or theee! Thank you for your inspiration!!

  • Terrific column, and I love your blog. I also enjoy seeing garments with different construction methods, makes you think outside of the regular patterns. Where you would use hot pink, I would go with turquoise or chartruese!

  • Would love to see what colors you would use for Variance.

  • Dana, these sweaters are astonishingly interesting. Thank you for bringing them to our attention. I’ll be stash diving this afternoon for a couple of them!

  • You have fabulous taste! I have already purchased Colors for a Cloudy Day.

  • Several very beautiful designs— thanks for bringing these special details to light, Dana!

    I haven’t knitted it yet, but Doineann (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/doineann) is a sideways-constructed cabled sweater that I’m itching to try. And in DK for those of us who don’t want to do a whole sweater in fingering 😉

  • As always, I love reading what you have to say!! I just kept thinking about how Jellybean would look in her version of these sweaters lol!!

  • Thanks for the great options, as always!

  • You must be looking over my shoulder. I just found a lovely pattern with a simple stitch pattern and thought, “Why should I knit that giant (albeit lovely) cable down the front?” Your answer hit me right where I live. Why should I knit a sweater that looks like everything they’re selling at the mall? Thanks for that reminder! Every piece I knit is a chance to show that I’m unique.
    All the love!