The Joy of Finishing, Yet Again

By Ann Shayne
October 15, 2019

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  • The addition of the coal is brilliant!

  • Really stunning!

  • This is so wonderful. I have never paid tribute to my finished work! I certainly will from now on. I really needed this this morning as I diligently knitted on long, wool sweater that I won’t get to wear if I don’t finish soon as it will be too warm for a Florida winter. I will keep at it -stitch by stitch-and when it’s finished I will celebrate! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • It’s beautiful, Ann. I wish you had included a photo of you wearing it. The coal edge is terrific!

    • Me too! (wish you took a picture of you wearing it). It’s gorgeous and I love the coal contrast edge.

    • Would love to see it on you or a friend!

  • I agree with Karla the addition of the coal was brilliant. Infact I love the combination of the colors, and the pattern. It’s absolutely beautiful…

  • I would not have guessed that the coal trim was accidental- it’s perfect!

  • Finishing a project…for many reasons….the baby hats are completed..with those cute little white deattachable pom poms….deb

  • A beauty indeed! And the dipped in coal edge looks like it was meant to be.

  • Wow! You used aran for a pattern that calls for fingering and I adore the result. I mostly knit with fingering weight and also think of using larger needles and yarn as a “palate cleanser !” Off to check out Masham.

  • I’m in awe! So beautiful.

  • I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  • Absolutely stunning. The color change sets it apart in a very classy way.

  • Love the stitch definition, the colors are welcoming Fall.

  • Stunning project and the seasonal colours add to a warm, comfy and cosy knit. Enjoy !

  • Bask in the glory! Beautiful save.
    Was “knots” a typo?

  • I love this!! Beautiful colors, stitch pattern, just the entire result 😉 Need to see it on someone, pls!!

  • Stunning. What simple things, such as your color, change can do!

    • …color change, can…
      Interesting how many times “stunning” comes up.

  • It looks fantastic, even with the Coal “design feature”! Now for the all-important question: Does Kermit find it warm, comfortable, and suitable for napping upon?

  • Love it. Love the two colors together. Enjoy it!

  • Love your writing And your knitting

  • Help a girl out here, will ‘ya? I just bought the pattern and it calls for a two-needle cast on. I assumed that was the same as a regular knitted cast on but a quick google search gave me that AND a knitted cast on where you knit the new stitch in between the two stitches on the left needle. Thoughts, comments, ideas? Please feel free to tell me that I may be over thinking this as well.

  • Beautiful! That gray edge caught my eye, first thing. It certainly *looks* planned. Also, you captured that just-post-knit feeling so well, and so humorously!

  • Beautiful!!

  • So beautiful! And a great way to deal with the game of yarn chicken. You win, no matter what!

  • Ann, I have admired your distinctive color sense ever since, gosh I don’t know how many years ago, but I remember the item. You made a mitred square for one of the collective afghan projects, and the square was solid except for one little corner. Grey and yellow, as I remember it. As soon as I saw this shawl I flashed back to that little square 🙂


  • The spot of gray is what makes this wrap a star. It looks really nice on you.

  • That Coal really kicks it up several notches. Not that Dionne isn’t perfect as is!

  • This is so lovely, I might copy it exactly rather than stress over a color combo from Winterburn! I love the coal edge as an indicator for “this end up.”

  • Question
    What size needles did you use for the aran yarn?

  • I normally wouldn’t pick these colours but whow! Stunning

  • I suddenly cannot wait to race to my storage unit and grab some of my treasures to begin this fabulous project!!!! What a magnificent job! Thanks such for inspiring me!!!!!❤