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  • is the merino wool in Civility superwashed? Looks gorgeous!

    • The merino wool is nonsuperwash.

  • Boom!Click and I just bought MDK “Ease.” To make the stripes goodness. Julie Farwell Clay makes stripes look more than cool, and the color combinations for this ARE infinite. Thank you for the dreamy ideas to brighten up my sick-in-bed day.

    • Hope you’re on the mend soon!

  • Inspiring! Also, how about Lisa Hannes’ Silverleaf, or Andrea Mowry’s Thaliah

    • Yes to silverleaf, one of my favorite shawl patterns. I’m making my third, this time playing with two colors. This inspires me to order more yarn and make a fourth!

  • Gorgeous yarn and gorgeous patterns… how to knit all the things??

  • Hi
    The Civility Sport wool looks lovely but can you tell me whether American produced merino wool is from mulesed sheep?
    I’ve only recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying it as I used to enjoy your articles in The Knitter.
    Francesca Smith

    • Francesca – I don’t think mulesing was ever practiced in the US much, if at all. It was done in Australia and New Zealand, where the flies are much more of a hazard. It’s illegal in New Zealand now, and on the way out in Australia.

  • All of it is beautiful.

  • I love and appreciate your yarn/pattern pairings! My fave is Logan Shoals. It’s challenging (for me), without being hard, and the exact kind of knit that blows my sister away – so important. Thanks!

  • Fun post M D. Love and Grace looks just beautiful and my speed . Thanks!

  • THis stuff is so beautiful! I’m imagining a Keynote pullover in this to replace the one I’ve worn to death.

  • ‘Civility Sport — cor blimey!’
    Love from Brighton UK